Saturday, August 1, 2015

5 Ringgit Polymer AA 9999991 Malaysia

The 5 Ringgit banknote bearing the Serial Numbers of AA 9999999 was auctioned off by the Central Bank earlier this year for 15 Malaysian grand & with Buyer's Premium, of course, the total sum is more but why would the buyer care as according to each & every single numismatic masters or rather, Sifus, as we call them here, this is a rather, yes, rather, rare note, as it carries the, as usual, all-desired First Prefix of AA, which comes once in a blue moon as this banknote design must be in use for many donkey years to come, & also the last serial numbers of 9999999, meaning it's the last note.

Of course, the note as featured here is nothing to gloat about as after all, it's almost but unfortunately, not fully a Solid 9 & that's no use, not only in the world of numismatics, but also in many other things in life, eg, it's no use if your lottery ticket misses the first prize by just half a digit as you are going to remain as dirt poor as you are!

But the trillion dollar question here will be is if AA Solid 9 is as they claimed, though still unverifiable, is rare, is of great significance, would this so-called rarity or great significance be nullified if AA 10000000 exists as then, this note would have superseded AA 9999999 by becoming the all so desired last banknote of this series from the very all-desired First Prefix of AA?

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