Monday, August 31, 2015

2012 1 Ringgit Polymer Solid 8888888 Malaysia

This is a truly perfect 10 note, very sharp corners in extreme, flat as an airfield & made of externally lasting polymer but forlorn to say, it only managed a score of 64 from the respected numismatics experts from PMG.

However, to be fair, those folks in Sarasota, Florida, know more than most of us as far as grading is concerned & as such, when they give us a 64 even though the subject banknote looks like it deserves to get a 69 or even a 70, there must be a reason, a real solid reason.

We pay them & we should not be questioning them thereafter as that's what objectivity is all about & as said, they are the experts & that's why we pay them & as such, we should not & must not question the grades given, even if such grades seem a bit disappointing to us. 

Anyway, perhaps, the only consolation could be the fact the market price for such Solid 8888888 notes have actually tanked, as can be seen during the recent local auctions whereby Solid 8888888 1 Ringgit notes were affordably priced, whereby even a housewife can buy one or even several pieces if she wants to.

And instead, banknotes with so-called Ladder Numbers of 1234567 & Reverse Ladder ones commanded very hefty premiums. As such, it's time for everyone under the numismatic sun to get into the Ladder Numbers world as it's finally discovered by the local so-called 'numismatists.'

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