Monday, August 31, 2015

2012 1 Ringgit Polymer Solid 8888888 Malaysia

This is a truly perfect 10 note, very sharp corners in extreme, flat as an airfield & made of externally lasting polymer but forlorn to say, it only managed a score of 64 from the respected numismatics experts from PMG.

However, to be fair, those folks in Sarasota, Florida, know more than most of us as far as grading is concerned & as such, when they give us a 64 even though the subject banknote looks like it deserves to get a 69 or even a 70, there must be a reason, a real solid reason.

We pay them & we should not be questioning them thereafter as that's what objectivity is all about & as said, they are the experts & that's why we pay them & as such, we should not & must not question the grades given, even if such grades seem a bit disappointing to us. 

Anyway, perhaps, the only consolation could be the fact the market price for such Solid 8888888 notes have actually tanked, as can be seen during the recent local auctions whereby Solid 8888888 1 Ringgit notes were affordably priced, whereby even a housewife can buy one or even several pieces if she wants to.

And instead, banknotes with so-called Ladder Numbers of 1234567 & Reverse Ladder ones commanded very hefty premiums. As such, it's time for everyone under the numismatic sun to get into the Ladder Numbers world as it's finally discovered by the local so-called 'numismatists.'

Saturday, August 22, 2015

P34A 1995 1000 Ringgit ZY Last Prefix Malaysia

These are the common 1000 Ringgit notes issued in the 90s & signed by the previous, previous Governor & these bear the Last Prefix of ZY.

In all, this series had 3 Prefixes issued altogether, which is the most compared to other earlier 1000 Ringgit issues, & the Prefixes issued were ZA, ZB & ZY & of course, ZA was the all-important & desired First Prefix & which is commanding the highest price in the obsolete papermoney world.

ZA is always the highly desired & chosen one as it's the First Prefix of all Prefixes and most discerning self-anointed Malaysian numismatists would want the First Prefixed notes in their albums while not giving any hoot to the 2nd or Last Prefixes cos everyone seems to want to be first in life, so it seems.

Of course, these 1000 Ringgit bills have long since been demonetized and it's also good that this was done as it rather cumbersome to go shopping or for an outing carrying these big deno notes as it's ludicrous to pay for a cup of coffee using such a note as you would most probably be effed off for having done so. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

P44 Year 2011 100 Ringgit ZE Replacement Malaysia

This was a note that was purchased from Malaysia's world famous flea market & of course, which is none other than the Amcorp Mall weekend flea market that seems to be able to get people from all over the world to visit it without fail, rain or shine, during every weekend, 24/7.

And this banknote was purchased from the most senior & oldest banknote dealer at Amcorp Mall during last weekend's banknotes hunting session which was a very successful one cos there were many extremely rare & unusual banknotes from British Malaya & Malaysia being put up for sale there as apparently some dealer is retiring for good & wished to unload as many good stuff as possible at the lowest fraternal prices & of course, where else can one get such bargains except at Malaysia's most famous flea market, of course!

But sadly, this banknote was not in UNC condition as it is only About EF condition to an ordinary neophyte collector. Of course, some smart alec has suggested the possibility of sending this banknote to PMG to be independently & very professionally graded but, honestly, take a freaking good look, what's the point as it's only About EF gradewise & that too from the grading scale of a non 'professional grader' & with the high benchmark & standard & reputation already set by PMG, this banknote might just barely get a VF 35 grade & of course, one can forget about even getting that freaking 3-letter EPQ word on it

By the way, is it possible to perhaps have this banknote ironed or pressed a bit, so that perhaps, it can look as if it is in About Uncirculated condition or even better? welcome?!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

P44 100 Ringgit Solid Numbers 8888888 Malaysia

And of course, this rather common banknote as catalogued as P44 according to Pick is all too common but with a rather not-so-common serial numbers of 8888888 and which should please a certain particular segment of the population in the Far East as such a number could finally bring them the ass-luck that they have been waiting for all this while.

And during a recent much hyped numismatic discussion among the great Malaysian numismatic Sifus (yes, that's a capital 'S', mind you) that took place with all the numismatic hoi polloi, the topic of 'prosperous' serial numbers of banknotes was broached & Solid 8 did obtain a solid two-thirds majority consensus among all those present that it indeed is a number most commonly desired in the affluent bon chic bon genre world of numismatics & reliably & apparently, there is a very young but rich collector who is looking for this P44 note with the Last Prefix bearing the Solid 8 Serial Numbers & of course, the concerned banknote is DC 8888888 & apparently, this collector has a very, very, very deep pocket and would pay anything if any big time dealer(d) out there could get hold of this note for him.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

P49 Year 2012 50 Ringgit AAA 0000015 Malaysia

A 50 Ringgit note with an unusual triple-alphabeted Prefix of AAA but with a rather ordinary serial numbers of 0000015, which is a NO, NO, NO numismatically, cos in the world of numismatikspeak, folks would prefer serial numbers like 0000008 or even 0000018 or 0008888 or better still, the rock solid 8888888 after all, these are the type of numbers which are en vogue among many so-called numismatists....

But of course, at times or rather, at most times, we have to make the best of everything, eg, if you are not a millionaire (yet), just make the best of life and live and let live, but, once you are a billionaire, ya, go ahead and get your Gulfstream, get a unit at the Trump Towers and yes, go ahead and get a third wife & why not?!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

5 Ringgit Polymer AA 9999991 Malaysia

The 5 Ringgit banknote bearing the Serial Numbers of AA 9999999 was auctioned off by the Central Bank earlier this year for 15 Malaysian grand & with Buyer's Premium, of course, the total sum is more but why would the buyer care as according to each & every single numismatic masters or rather, Sifus, as we call them here, this is a rather, yes, rather, rare note, as it carries the, as usual, all-desired First Prefix of AA, which comes once in a blue moon as this banknote design must be in use for many donkey years to come, & also the last serial numbers of 9999999, meaning it's the last note.

Of course, the note as featured here is nothing to gloat about as after all, it's almost but unfortunately, not fully a Solid 9 & that's no use, not only in the world of numismatics, but also in many other things in life, eg, it's no use if your lottery ticket misses the first prize by just half a digit as you are going to remain as dirt poor as you are!

But the trillion dollar question here will be is if AA Solid 9 is as they claimed, though still unverifiable, is rare, is of great significance, would this so-called rarity or great significance be nullified if AA 10000000 exists as then, this note would have superseded AA 9999999 by becoming the all so desired last banknote of this series from the very all-desired First Prefix of AA?