Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Polymer 5 Ringgit Solid Number 1111111 PMG 66 Malaysia

Just another ordinary plastic banknote, only thing is that it's has been professionally & independently graded with a score of 66 & that's what makes it ordinary cos 66 is no cause to gloat-about as it's a norm these days to get grades of PMG 69 & PMG 70 & that too for papermoney & normally, plastic notes are usually 100% perfect, with extremely sharp corners & should be without doubt perfect candidates for perfect PMG 70 score, but, alas, this note, a plastic note, only managed to score a score of a mediocre PMG 66 & with such a lowly score, it's nothing but a black sheep in one's collection.

And to add more insult to an already aggravated injury, the Serial Number is not that of the highly coveted & ultra desired 8888888 as Solid Number 1111111 is not a number that the silent majority of collectors want as most want the all-coveted prosperity laden 8888888 as 8 means money, richness, fame & all that lead to a Hollywoodian lifestyle.

Also, the Prefix of DD is no blessing in disguise for any positive vibes cos DD are equal to 44 & that stands for 'Death' to some folks in this world & that means a double dose of death to some folks in some parts of this world. If the genie in the bottle could grant a wish, then, changing the Prefix of DD to HH would be the desired wish as HH represents 88, which means the instant flow of wealth, money, fame & the eternal Hollywoodian lifestyle.........

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