Friday, July 17, 2015

Polymer 5 Ringgit Number 10 Million Malaysia Medium Rare

This Polymer note is not a rare note, perhaps, only medium rare as one does not know if a banknote with the serial numbers of 10,000,000 is indeed a bona fide one as more often than not, quite a number of malaysian banknotes with such serial numbers have been returned by the Numero Un unbiaised & totally independent 3rd party numismatic grading company, PMG, in body-bags with the usual remark of 'questionable' & as nothing is free, maybe except for things on planet Pluto, one has to pay 5 Yankee Dollars to PMG just to be told that your piece of numismatic paper is 'questionable.'

But, of course, PMG should know better & in PMG must & should we all trust as after all, as just mentioned, they are the Numero Un dans le monde, when grading banknotes is concerned & that's why when a banknote is graded PMG 70, we do not hesitate to sell out cars to get that fricking, arousing, desirable banknote as PMG 70 is a Perfect 10 banknote, no difference than Farrah Fawcett
or even Lauren Hutton in their prime as for many of us would have 'graded' Farrah Fawcett & Lauren Hutton as 70-pointers!

But, maybe, perhaps, it would be not that bad an idea if such a similar note were to be sent to the new kid on the block called ICG. Let's give these fellas a chance and they do need a break too, as even movie stars do need a break once in a long while. Does anyone know where in the heavens is ICG domiciled?

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