Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 ZE Replacements RM50 Malaysia Very Rare

Once in a good long while esp. if one's soliatry virtue is patience, a solid good thing would come along and true as expected, the newly discovered jewel in the form of the RM50 ZE Replacement has been whispered in the Malaysian numismatic world among the taiko Sifus that these ZEs are rather scarce and hard to get, with several Sifus saying that these ZEs carry the rarity of at least RRR, yes, that's 3 Rs for you.

Grapevine has always been a strong source of reliable and trustworthy numismatic news & if learned numismatic Sifus say that these notes are going to be rare, of course, like sheep we have to follow, as after all, we, the numismatic newbies, our job is to follow, same like 'following' someone on Facebook, the same type of 'follow', if you get a wift of that drift!

And simple arithmetic will tell you that the current Replacement is being represented via the Prefix of ZE & it sure cannot go on & on until it stops at ZV or ZW or ZX for a Replacement Prefix. ZE is long enough cos it just can't go on & on with ZF, ZF, ZH,ZJ and so on & so forth, simple common sense will tell us. Maybe due to this simple rationale that even all of us simple folks could configure, the learned Sifus out there have taken a safe & long bullish position to insinuate that ZE could a true-blue Real McCoy in the elusive realm of numismatic rarities..........

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