Wednesday, June 3, 2015

ZD 1987 $100 PMG 66 Malaysia

Another nothing-to-gloat-about Malaysian note as even though it bears the Prefix of ZD, it's however NOT a Replacement, but just another ordinary note of its series, but, nonetheless, its owner had nothing better to do but had it professionally & independently graded by none other than the world-famous, reputable grading house, PMG. Maybe, this person submitted 100 Running Pieces to PMG as it's very much cheaper to submit in this form & which numismatists called the Bulk Submission; a piece apparently only costs 13 Yankee Dollar to be graded in this way.

It's unfortunate as everyone knows by now that the Replacement note for this Series bears the Prefix of ZU & NOT ZD. Also, very unfortunate that it doesn't bear the Prefix of AA as at least AA is something gloatable, as after all, AA should be the First Prefix, just something like A/1 or AAA or whatever, as long as there is an A or more than an A there.

And despite the passage of almost solid 30 years, the note looks as if it just came out from the mint/printer yesterday cos it looks as pristine as it can get, but of course, what it couldn't get is a superlative score of PMG 70 & of course, whenever anyone sends a note to PMG, one is hoping to score a score of PMG 70 because even an ordinary banknote with a score of PMG 70 can be sold for RM20K according to the usual reliable grapevine & in fact, according to the same reliable grapevine, there's a long queue of numismatists who are more than willing to pay even higher to lay their anxious hands on such a note with such an obnoxiously superlative score..........

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