Wednesday, June 17, 2015

AA 0000000 RM2 Paperweight Malaysia

This is an RM2 paperweight among the dozens that were picked from Malaysia's most famous flea market, namely the Petaling Street flea market several years back.

Many numismatic sifus have said that this is a rare item, perhaps, with a rarity of RRRR as very few were produced apparently & furthermore, it 'contains' a rather rare RM2 note therein with a Prefix & Serial Numbers normally reserved for a highly desired & sought after Specimen note.

However, some sifus also cautioned that bootlegged copies do exist and since we are not the learned sifus, we cannot be blamed for not knowing which is which is the bona fide copy.

As such, the best way to make sure that one has the bona fide piece is to crack open the acryllic enclosure or  whatever that material is made of & thereafter send it to PMG to be independently & accurately graded. By the way, maybe it could be a better idea to support a new grading company called ICG as a few banknotes graded by these folks have managed to get the all-desired Perfect 10 score & as any proud Master Numis would know, a banknote that is graded with a Perfect 10 score normally has a price tag of no less than 5 figures & what's more with an exceptionally scare (sic) & rare piece of gem like this?!

Apparently, the all-trusted & reliable grapevine intimated that ICG is actually domiciled in Luxembourg & if any kind soul out there does know their snail mail address, please, don't be selfish, you know what to do, okay?

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