Friday, June 12, 2015

1998 Uncut Commonwealth Games Polymer Notes Malaysia

This is of course the 3-piece Uncut $50 Polymer note issued 20 years ago to commemorate the hosting of the Commonwealth Games by Malaysia.

Even after the rather long passage of almost 20 solid years, there has not been much appreciation pricewise of this commemorative polymer issue due to its rather higher mintage/issue & even today, one can still buy a piece of this polymer note online or offline for just less than RM100 & it was issued at RM80, then, so you would have made more money by putting your RM80 under your pillow.

And since a normal piece of this note is just going for a miserable less than RM100, you don't need a Post Graduate student to tell you that the value of this 3-piece Uncut should be just around RM300, which is not even 100 Yankee Dollars. As this is not a rare note or something worth wasting a scream for, & pointless to collect, this note has been sold this morning to a big-time dealer at the Petaling Street Flea Market for just around more or less 100 Yankee Dollars, which is considered a rather good price for such a non-collectible.

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