Saturday, June 6, 2015

100 Running Pieces $100 Yankee Dollars

If you don't know what these are, then, you must have either just arrived from Jupiter or you are currently in a sanatorium to have your head checked or you were just born a sec ago.

Of course, these are the ever famous Yankee Dollars or rather the Greenback although this 'new edition' looks more like the 'Blueback.'

And this is the legal tender currency of the world as it's legal tender even in Timbuktu, no worries, & despite trillions more being printed to revive the almost moribund US economy, this is the paper that everyone in this world wants to have a piece of.

Even the once food basket of Africa, the great Zimbabwe, put an end to its hyperinflation by using the Yankee Dollar as its national currency in place of its pile-of-rocks currency which was going down to the dogs with the passage of every second & it was so bad that a piece of that pile-of-rock dollar can't even buy a piece of your girlfriend's used tampon, ya, that's how it was, then, from food basket to a basket case!

If there's ever such a thing as man's best friend, this is it, this is the Real McCoy, the evergreen Yankee Dollar!

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