Wednesday, June 17, 2015

AA 0000000 RM2 Paperweight Malaysia

This is an RM2 paperweight among the dozens that were picked from Malaysia's most famous flea market, namely the Petaling Street flea market several years back.

Many numismatic sifus have said that this is a rare item, perhaps, with a rarity of RRRR as very few were produced apparently & furthermore, it 'contains' a rather rare RM2 note therein with a Prefix & Serial Numbers normally reserved for a highly desired & sought after Specimen note.

However, some sifus also cautioned that bootlegged copies do exist and since we are not the learned sifus, we cannot be blamed for not knowing which is which is the bona fide copy.

As such, the best way to make sure that one has the bona fide piece is to crack open the acryllic enclosure or  whatever that material is made of & thereafter send it to PMG to be independently & accurately graded. By the way, maybe it could be a better idea to support a new grading company called ICG as a few banknotes graded by these folks have managed to get the all-desired Perfect 10 score & as any proud Master Numis would know, a banknote that is graded with a Perfect 10 score normally has a price tag of no less than 5 figures & what's more with an exceptionally scare (sic) & rare piece of gem like this?!

Apparently, the all-trusted & reliable grapevine intimated that ICG is actually domiciled in Luxembourg & if any kind soul out there does know their snail mail address, please, don't be selfish, you know what to do, okay?

Friday, June 12, 2015

1998 Uncut Commonwealth Games Polymer Notes Malaysia

This is of course the 3-piece Uncut $50 Polymer note issued 20 years ago to commemorate the hosting of the Commonwealth Games by Malaysia.

Even after the rather long passage of almost 20 solid years, there has not been much appreciation pricewise of this commemorative polymer issue due to its rather higher mintage/issue & even today, one can still buy a piece of this polymer note online or offline for just less than RM100 & it was issued at RM80, then, so you would have made more money by putting your RM80 under your pillow.

And since a normal piece of this note is just going for a miserable less than RM100, you don't need a Post Graduate student to tell you that the value of this 3-piece Uncut should be just around RM300, which is not even 100 Yankee Dollars. As this is not a rare note or something worth wasting a scream for, & pointless to collect, this note has been sold this morning to a big-time dealer at the Petaling Street Flea Market for just around more or less 100 Yankee Dollars, which is considered a rather good price for such a non-collectible.

Monday, June 8, 2015

12 Not Running Pieces RM1 Solid 8888888 Malaysia Almost AUNC

Numismatic collectors in nearby Hong Kong give priority to banknotes bearing the Solid Numbers of 8888888 as these are apparently, but not yet scientifically proven, prosperous numbers which will, also yet to be, until now, scientifically proven, bring immense prosperity to its owner or even it's co-owner and/or his entire family tree and/or clan.

But in all honesty, as far as these notes from the Malaysian 11th series are concerned, is it worth all the gloat, or even crowing or even shouting or trumpeting as you don't really need to get an 'A' from Further Mathematics in your GCE 'A' Levels to know that there's hell of a farking lot of these Solid 8s from the entire series starting from the Prefix of AA to YZ & from AAA to AGP, & most probably, there could be 800 pieces or more. 800 pieces is hell of a farking lot in the numismatic world, if you care to consult all those well-known numismatic sifus.

As such, paying a bomb for such prosperity-bringing notes is nothing but self delusion. In fact, it would be better to collect Reverse-Go-Astern or rather, Reverse Ladder Numbers, ie, 7654321, as this one is much lesser in the market & as such, more likely to bring its owner profused prosperity & wealth.........

Saturday, June 6, 2015

100 Running Pieces $100 Yankee Dollars

If you don't know what these are, then, you must have either just arrived from Jupiter or you are currently in a sanatorium to have your head checked or you were just born a sec ago.

Of course, these are the ever famous Yankee Dollars or rather the Greenback although this 'new edition' looks more like the 'Blueback.'

And this is the legal tender currency of the world as it's legal tender even in Timbuktu, no worries, & despite trillions more being printed to revive the almost moribund US economy, this is the paper that everyone in this world wants to have a piece of.

Even the once food basket of Africa, the great Zimbabwe, put an end to its hyperinflation by using the Yankee Dollar as its national currency in place of its pile-of-rocks currency which was going down to the dogs with the passage of every second & it was so bad that a piece of that pile-of-rock dollar can't even buy a piece of your girlfriend's used tampon, ya, that's how it was, then, from food basket to a basket case!

If there's ever such a thing as man's best friend, this is it, this is the Real McCoy, the evergreen Yankee Dollar!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

ZD 1987 $100 PMG 66 Malaysia

Another nothing-to-gloat-about Malaysian note as even though it bears the Prefix of ZD, it's however NOT a Replacement, but just another ordinary note of its series, but, nonetheless, its owner had nothing better to do but had it professionally & independently graded by none other than the world-famous, reputable grading house, PMG. Maybe, this person submitted 100 Running Pieces to PMG as it's very much cheaper to submit in this form & which numismatists called the Bulk Submission; a piece apparently only costs 13 Yankee Dollar to be graded in this way.

It's unfortunate as everyone knows by now that the Replacement note for this Series bears the Prefix of ZU & NOT ZD. Also, very unfortunate that it doesn't bear the Prefix of AA as at least AA is something gloatable, as after all, AA should be the First Prefix, just something like A/1 or AAA or whatever, as long as there is an A or more than an A there.

And despite the passage of almost solid 30 years, the note looks as if it just came out from the mint/printer yesterday cos it looks as pristine as it can get, but of course, what it couldn't get is a superlative score of PMG 70 & of course, whenever anyone sends a note to PMG, one is hoping to score a score of PMG 70 because even an ordinary banknote with a score of PMG 70 can be sold for RM20K according to the usual reliable grapevine & in fact, according to the same reliable grapevine, there's a long queue of numismatists who are more than willing to pay even higher to lay their anxious hands on such a note with such an obnoxiously superlative score..........