Friday, May 29, 2015

ZD 8888888 RM10 Solid Number PMG 66 Malaysia

This is the extremely common Malaysian Replacement from the 11th series & why is it extremely common is a question not worth dignifying as after all, if one were to refer to a copy of the Malaysian numismatic catalogue, this Replacement is being tagged a price of approximately RM30 a piece & of course, when one wants to buy anything numismatic, one MUST refer to the catalogue as that's what the catalogue is for cos it's not a comic book to be read & cast aside but something that one must constantly carry along as it's a point of reference or to aptly put it, it's a bible of the numismatic universe.

Of course, if you were a master haggler & you can buy stuff below the recommended catalogue prices, then, of course, you can call humbly call yourself a master negotiator for a job well done vide your various successful purchases below the catalogue price(s).

At the same time, the so-called recommended price for a Solid Number 8 from the the Malaysian 11th series for this deno is more or less RM2 grand apparently, a small sum to some but could be a princely sum to many others & as such, this banknote is, perhaps, just worth around, maybe, if we add up the price of the normal Replacement ZD & the equivalent Solid Number of 8, you don't need a degree scholar to tell your humble self that the market price could or should & would be around RM2,030 & of course, this is a freaking good price for a piece of paper money with a face value of just RM10 & taking into consideration that one has not factored in the omnipresent inflationary factor, if you get the drift, & once you have factored that in, it must be less that the face value & thus, not worthy of any desire to gloat or crow about, but of course, such topic and/or issue should be left to a PhD scholar to dissect and/or digress as after all, how many of us are of scholarly material? 

Over on this freaking board, one should stay focussed on issues of numismatic interest & not stray into economic issues for that we leave to a him or even her who has a PhD in Economics, perhaps.................

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