Monday, May 18, 2015

1989 RM1000 PMG 64 & PMG 66 EPQ Malaysia

2 Running or rather Consecutive pieces of the now obsolete & defunct $1000 note issued somewhere in the 80s or possibly in the 90s.

Nothing unusual or rare or scarce or 'scare' (sic) with these 2 notes as they are neither here nor there as far as rarity goes & as such, one can save the much utilised initials of 'RRRRR' for this pair as everyone knows, the rarer variety is the one signed by Governor Jaffar Hussein.

The only thing unusual about these 2 notes must be the fact that even though they are in consecutive sequence & as such, they are no different than indentical twins but when it came to be professionally & independently graded, they came in 2 different grades. 

How could this be possible as after all, these 2 pieces came from a stack of 100 Running Pieces & from the 100 pieces from this very stack which were already graded by the esteemed grading house, PMG, 2 pieces actually got PMG 68 grades. That's no secret as the PMG Population will attest to this.

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