Saturday, March 21, 2015

1982 $100 ZZ Replacement Malaysia

By now, every self-anointed numismatic hero in Malaysia would know that any such note graded PMG 65 would be valued at more than 20 Malaysian grand as after all, during the recently concluded numismatic auction held at the PJ Hilton, such a note was hammered down at 20 grand & with the buyer's commission included, that's 23 grand, small money to some people but big money for the working class.

But, let's not disabuse ourselves from thinking that one could sell a similar note at the same price directly to the buyer(s). Most buyers, big buyers would never buy at such prices directly from you, they would beg for discounts & after discounted prices are given, they would further beg for more discounts from the already discounted prices.

However, during auctions, one doesn't see such 'behaviour' as everyone on the floor seems to want to outdo one another by trying to buy as high as possible. Perhaps, this is what one would label as irrational exuberance but what the hell, buyers are the Smartest Alecs & maybe, the observers who label such buyers as dunggus are themselves the unanointed dunggus, perhaps.

But let this be absolutely clear, or else, let yourselves be forever cursed by the good guardians of the heavens --whoever can't spring out 20k for this featured note, please waste time not & do kindly go & get a cold shower....