Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Erratum! 2015 ZD RM10 Replacement Malaysia No Longer Rare

Actually, the learned sifu who said this ZD Replacement is a rare issue & will be the future's bright shining star has got his marbles all mixed-up as this ZD is not a rare note after all.

But it was rare for 2 weeks & that's what matters as after all, being at the top of the charts for 2 weeks is better than not at all. It's just like being the World NO.1 player for such & such a sports & thereafter slide all the way down as there's always cause to gloat about when you're at NO.1, regardless whether you stayed there for say a day or a week. Same thing when you are at the NO.1 position at the Billboards's Top 100 for just a week; a week is better than no week and above all, how many clowns out there enjoy the bragging rights for 1 freaking week!

Too many sifus nowadays & for him/them to err is perfectly human and let's achieve divinity by forgiving him/her/them, ok? Sometimes, the sifu's crystal ball also can malfunction as it does need servicing and calibration at times as do any mortal creations would need.

According to the very same sifu, as per his now fully serviced & calibrated crystal ball, the Real McCoy as far as the new Replacements for the year 2015 is concerned is actually the new RM20 ZC Replacements as this ZC seems to be a rather scarce note & could be that elusive shining star in this vast numismatic universe & perhaps a peer thru the numismatic telescope is totally superfluous & unnecessary to ascertain such bullish claims as after all, he is the sifu, the numismatic sifu & in him we should all trust...... 

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