Saturday, January 3, 2015

ZZ 0021884 1981 $100 Signed by Mr Aziz Taha

A $100 note issued in 1981, pardon me if I got the date wrong, signed by Mr Aziz Taha, with the Prefix of ZZ, and am honestly not sure if this is a so-called Replacement issue or not as normally Malaysian Replacements bear the Prefix of ZA, while this one is ZZ. My good trusted buddy told me this is definitely NOT a Replacement banknote, & honestly, I don't really give a shit as after all, this banknote is only in About Fine Condition, at most, Fine Condition, so what is there to gloat about? There is nothing overly bosomy with this note really, if you get ma drift.

Some Smart Aleck suggested that this banknote should or rather ought to be sent to PMG to be professionally graded for posterity purposes but if the banknote is only in About Fine condition, what's the point of sending it all the way to Florida to be graded as PMG doesn't belong to our grandfather cos if it belongs to our grandfather, the grading fees could & would & should be waived.

Also, another Smart Aleck suggested that instead of sending this note to PMG (in view of the various costs involved, not to mention the possible danger of the aerial journey to Florida just in case if the plane gets into some weather and/or mechanical trouble mid-flight), I might as well send this note to be graded by a local grading house. Is it true that there is/are local numismatic grading house(s)? May I know what's their charges, what's their turnover time & where are they located at? Thankyouverymuch.

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