Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Part II 2015 ZD RM10 Replacement Rather Rare Malaysia

Pursuant to the previous ramblings on this Replacement issue, it's indeed confirmed that this evasive ZD Replacement is rather rare as one can't at this moment see any for sale online, eg, you can't see any on eBay, & neither can you see it for sale offline, eg, at the flea markets, & there were definitely none for sale at the SP Pasar Lambak last week!

As such, the 'Rarity' for this ZD could possibly be RRRRRR & thus, could be the future numismatics talk of the town.

Of course, as usual, some BCBG numismatics degree-holders would crow for ZDs with as many zeroes as possible as it seems that in the world of Malaysian numismatics, the more zeroes the better as far as the Serial Numbers are concerned. But, this irrational exuberance & silly infantile cravings for all things numismatics definitely do not make rational sense as the most important thing as far as plenty of zeroes are concerned is that of your bank account, not that of your banknotes' serial number, didn't your tuition teacher tell you that, my dear Bernard!?

The 4k pieces of these ZD have already been sent for grading and it's definitely not expensive as with bulk submissions, PMG only charges for each piece submitted at the rate of 13 Yankee Dollars only & that's peanuts for most folks who consider numismatics as their second wives....

By the way, it's better to put on record that these 4,000 pieces of RM10 ZDs are NFS, ie, Not For Sale, and they are only FSO, ie, For Sharing Only, yes, Sharing, is indeed, Caring......

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