Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AA,AB,AC,AD,AE,AF 0000018 Not Very Low Numbers RM50 Notes Malaysia

These are very obviously 5 or rather 6 pieces of the RM50 notes that are currently in circulation in Malaysia & which bear the not very low serial numbers of 0000018, after all, NO.18 is not low or rather, low enough. The lowest of the lows should be NO.1 & which asshole might be having the much envied NO.1 pieces if someone or anyone of you out there knows? Do the public a great service by keeping us all in the loop, will you?!

And actually this so-called set of 6 pieces is nothing but a pathetic attempt to create something out of nothing & the simple reason is because the first note with the Prefix of AA is not NO.18 but is a rather unmatching number of 20018 & that is, if you don't mind, twenty thousand and eighteen & that has nothing to do with NO.18, but since, one can't get NO.18 as that one with NO.18 has been issued & already busy in circulation and should now be in VG condition, this piece with the Serial NOs of 20018 should be good enough as the last 2 digits of 18 do rhyme with the rest of the 5 notes, so what the hell, after all, this is not a perfect 10 contest whereby ever freaking thing has to be a perfect 10.

As usual, these notes have already been sent to a professional grading house to be professionally graded, and just for a change, just like one can't have boiled potatoes for breakfast daily day-in day-out, these notes have been sent to "CMC Grading Institution" to be slabbed & the costs are of no concern as money is not an issue and has never been as issue when it comes to everything numismatic. These CMC folks are here:
But unfortunately, this website is not decipherable to an unerudit moron like yours truly, as it's all in Japanese or is it in Greek?! Ya, it's all Greek to me!

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