Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 New Factory Fresh ZD Replacement RM10 Malaysia Rare!

Of course and in case if you are living in a far-flung cave, these are of course the latest RM10 ZD Replacements from Malaysia, and they should become very rare soon as it's not easy to get Replacements as Replacements were printed to replace defective notes but the percentage of such notes is very low & as such, you don't need to be a Stephen Hawking to know mathematically that the total amount printed for Replacements issues is actually negligible, and with less comes scarcity & with scarcity, of course, comes rarity, maybe a rarity of, say, RRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Yes, rare, rare, rare, rare, rare & freaking rare!

And of course, all these 4,000 or so pieces of these ZD Replacements would need to be professionally graded & of course, when the time comes, the grading house of choice would be none other than PMG, the apex numismatics grading house of the world. With PMG, comes quality, pristine, upper echeloned, uncompromised quality, yes, grade A quality.

Apparently, according to the reliable numismatics chatter, if this rare note is given a grade of PMG 70 EPQ, a single piece can fetch thousands of dollars and if this indeed true & if the referred numismatics chatter is not crap, then, this pile of notes is not just a pile of money with a face value, it's in fact a colossal pile of gold, and of course, you do know that gold has been for thousands of years man's best friend.

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