Friday, January 30, 2015

2014 ZC Replacement RM10 Malaysia Confirmed RARE

Whether or not the RM10 ZC Replacement is a rare item is too moot to be further discussed as it's so obvious that with the appearance of the recent hottie, ie, the ZD, the ZC is history, history in the sense that it's no longer in the production line and thus, fully deserves to be deservingly titled with the seldom used 4-letter-worded Title called "Rare."

With ZD jumping to the forefront, ZC mathematically & commonsensewise is in a league of its own raritywise as after all, with ZD superceding it, we don't need a Einsteinesque professor to mathematically tells us that ZC should get scarce or rather have gotten scarce, & of course, with Scarcity, comes Rarity & with Rarity, comes the inevitable & all-desired Glory.

Yes, that's the world of numismatics, whereby, those with 4-letter-worded Title of 'Rare' is the All-desired, the All-wanted ones because with the All-desired ones & the All wanted ones, come Glory, eternal Glory & with Glory comes Profitability & with Profitability comes naturally present Man's best friend, Money.

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