Friday, January 30, 2015

2014 ZC Replacement RM10 Malaysia Confirmed RARE

Whether or not the RM10 ZC Replacement is a rare item is too moot to be further discussed as it's so obvious that with the appearance of the recent hottie, ie, the ZD, the ZC is history, history in the sense that it's no longer in the production line and thus, fully deserves to be deservingly titled with the seldom used 4-letter-worded Title called "Rare."

With ZD jumping to the forefront, ZC mathematically & commonsensewise is in a league of its own raritywise as after all, with ZD superceding it, we don't need a Einsteinesque professor to mathematically tells us that ZC should get scarce or rather have gotten scarce, & of course, with Scarcity, comes Rarity & with Rarity, comes the inevitable & all-desired Glory.

Yes, that's the world of numismatics, whereby, those with 4-letter-worded Title of 'Rare' is the All-desired, the All-wanted ones because with the All-desired ones & the All wanted ones, come Glory, eternal Glory & with Glory comes Profitability & with Profitability comes naturally present Man's best friend, Money.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Part II 2015 ZD RM10 Replacement Rather Rare Malaysia

Pursuant to the previous ramblings on this Replacement issue, it's indeed confirmed that this evasive ZD Replacement is rather rare as one can't at this moment see any for sale online, eg, you can't see any on eBay, & neither can you see it for sale offline, eg, at the flea markets, & there were definitely none for sale at the SP Pasar Lambak last week!

As such, the 'Rarity' for this ZD could possibly be RRRRRR & thus, could be the future numismatics talk of the town.

Of course, as usual, some BCBG numismatics degree-holders would crow for ZDs with as many zeroes as possible as it seems that in the world of Malaysian numismatics, the more zeroes the better as far as the Serial Numbers are concerned. But, this irrational exuberance & silly infantile cravings for all things numismatics definitely do not make rational sense as the most important thing as far as plenty of zeroes are concerned is that of your bank account, not that of your banknotes' serial number, didn't your tuition teacher tell you that, my dear Bernard!?

The 4k pieces of these ZD have already been sent for grading and it's definitely not expensive as with bulk submissions, PMG only charges for each piece submitted at the rate of 13 Yankee Dollars only & that's peanuts for most folks who consider numismatics as their second wives....

By the way, it's better to put on record that these 4,000 pieces of RM10 ZDs are NFS, ie, Not For Sale, and they are only FSO, ie, For Sharing Only, yes, Sharing, is indeed, Caring......

Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 New Factory Fresh ZD Replacement RM10 Malaysia Rare!

Of course and in case if you are living in a far-flung cave, these are of course the latest RM10 ZD Replacements from Malaysia, and they should become very rare soon as it's not easy to get Replacements as Replacements were printed to replace defective notes but the percentage of such notes is very low & as such, you don't need to be a Stephen Hawking to know mathematically that the total amount printed for Replacements issues is actually negligible, and with less comes scarcity & with scarcity, of course, comes rarity, maybe a rarity of, say, RRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Yes, rare, rare, rare, rare, rare & freaking rare!

And of course, all these 4,000 or so pieces of these ZD Replacements would need to be professionally graded & of course, when the time comes, the grading house of choice would be none other than PMG, the apex numismatics grading house of the world. With PMG, comes quality, pristine, upper echeloned, uncompromised quality, yes, grade A quality.

Apparently, according to the reliable numismatics chatter, if this rare note is given a grade of PMG 70 EPQ, a single piece can fetch thousands of dollars and if this indeed true & if the referred numismatics chatter is not crap, then, this pile of notes is not just a pile of money with a face value, it's in fact a colossal pile of gold, and of course, you do know that gold has been for thousands of years man's best friend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AA,AB,AC,AD,AE,AF 0000018 Not Very Low Numbers RM50 Notes Malaysia

These are very obviously 5 or rather 6 pieces of the RM50 notes that are currently in circulation in Malaysia & which bear the not very low serial numbers of 0000018, after all, NO.18 is not low or rather, low enough. The lowest of the lows should be NO.1 & which asshole might be having the much envied NO.1 pieces if someone or anyone of you out there knows? Do the public a great service by keeping us all in the loop, will you?!

And actually this so-called set of 6 pieces is nothing but a pathetic attempt to create something out of nothing & the simple reason is because the first note with the Prefix of AA is not NO.18 but is a rather unmatching number of 20018 & that is, if you don't mind, twenty thousand and eighteen & that has nothing to do with NO.18, but since, one can't get NO.18 as that one with NO.18 has been issued & already busy in circulation and should now be in VG condition, this piece with the Serial NOs of 20018 should be good enough as the last 2 digits of 18 do rhyme with the rest of the 5 notes, so what the hell, after all, this is not a perfect 10 contest whereby ever freaking thing has to be a perfect 10.

As usual, these notes have already been sent to a professional grading house to be professionally graded, and just for a change, just like one can't have boiled potatoes for breakfast daily day-in day-out, these notes have been sent to "CMC Grading Institution" to be slabbed & the costs are of no concern as money is not an issue and has never been as issue when it comes to everything numismatic. These CMC folks are here:
But unfortunately, this website is not decipherable to an unerudit moron like yours truly, as it's all in Japanese or is it in Greek?! Ya, it's all Greek to me!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

ZZ 0021884 1981 $100 Signed by Mr Aziz Taha

A $100 note issued in 1981, pardon me if I got the date wrong, signed by Mr Aziz Taha, with the Prefix of ZZ, and am honestly not sure if this is a so-called Replacement issue or not as normally Malaysian Replacements bear the Prefix of ZA, while this one is ZZ. My good trusted buddy told me this is definitely NOT a Replacement banknote, & honestly, I don't really give a shit as after all, this banknote is only in About Fine Condition, at most, Fine Condition, so what is there to gloat about? There is nothing overly bosomy with this note really, if you get ma drift.

Some Smart Aleck suggested that this banknote should or rather ought to be sent to PMG to be professionally graded for posterity purposes but if the banknote is only in About Fine condition, what's the point of sending it all the way to Florida to be graded as PMG doesn't belong to our grandfather cos if it belongs to our grandfather, the grading fees could & would & should be waived.

Also, another Smart Aleck suggested that instead of sending this note to PMG (in view of the various costs involved, not to mention the possible danger of the aerial journey to Florida just in case if the plane gets into some weather and/or mechanical trouble mid-flight), I might as well send this note to be graded by a local grading house. Is it true that there is/are local numismatic grading house(s)? May I know what's their charges, what's their turnover time & where are they located at? Thankyouverymuch.