Tuesday, December 29, 2015

P.15a 1981 10 Ringgit Malaysia PMG 68 EPQ

A 10 Ringgit banknote issued way, way back 35 years ago but in excellent, pristine & virgin-like condition, very fresh from the printer-like, with vibrant red hue & snow-white-like white borders.

But sadly, it only got a grade of PMG 68 even though conditionwise, it looks virgin-like, untouched & unsoiled & smells like the yet unsmelled just bloomed roses & everyone & anyone who have seen this note agree that it truly deserves a PMG 70 score & if there were to be a PMG 80 score, it truly do deserves that very superlative score as this is truly a Bo Derek-like Perfect 10 hottie banknote....

Sunday, November 29, 2015

ZB Replacement 5 Ringgit Polymer Note Malaysia

A stack of 100 Running Pieces of the new 5 Ringgit Replacement with the Prefix of ZB, which has been superceded by the ZC & soon by the ZD, which, based on unreliable grapevine will be coming out during this Christmas holiday season.

With so many various Replacement Prefixes, which actually will be the so-called rare one among the many self-proclaimed numismatists?

According to the again unreliable grapevine, apparently, the one bearing the ZC Prefix is the rare one as we very seldom see it these days in the market as market has it that not many were printed & those that were found are being 'hoarded' to be unloaded at some opportune time later at sky-high prices.

As such, the ZB Prefix is just another overprinted Prefix which will be one's folly if one were to park one's cash in it at high prices.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

P.9a 1961 10 Dollars Malaya British Borneo Normal Buffalo Note

A banknote from the days of yore, whose age is much, much older than many so-called 'numismatists' of today but this is just another very common banknote from British Malaya & was issued towards the end of the British Empire in Malaya.

And as what it has been always been, there is nothing to shout about about this note as conditionwise, it's nothing to gloat about as it's only About Very Fine only, almost Very Fine but just not about there yet. 

Gloatable will be its age, which is more than half a century old & may, may this note last a thousand more years in its current state!

And if it carries the Prefix of A/1, then, there is at least a strand of gloat to gloat about as after all, A/1 represents the very First Prefix of this series and apparently, many so-called 'numismatists' of today treasure the First Prefixes as apparently everyone, including so-called 'numismatists' love to be NO.1, love to hog the NO.1 position, sozusagen! Or if one can't get the First Prefix, then, one wouldn't mind settling for the Last Prefix which is B/6, so a Prefix like A/81 which is lost somewhere in the middle is just another very ordinary brick in the wall, si tu comprends ce que je veux dire, tout le monde la-bas. Et toi, la-bas, tous mes lecteurs francophones, tu sais tres bien que je t'aime!

Friday, November 6, 2015

P.39 1 Ringgit Serial Numbers 10 Million Malaysia

2 pieces of old papermoney previously used & as catalogued by Pick as P.39 with the Last Serial Numbers of 10 Million, meaning, representing the last notes of those particular prefixes and getting a respectable score of PMG 66 from esteemed 3rd party grader, PMG, but, of course, there will be endless cause to gloat about if the scores were to be a perfect score of perfect 10.

So, as such, there is no justifiable cause to gloat about, first because of the respectable but low score of PMG 66 & second, since so many prefixes were printed right from AA to YZ & then from AAA to AGP, there are so many pieces of such 10 millionth notes all over the place and many among them, some could possibly be graded by PMG as PMG 70, as after all, there could be some priceless perfect & diamond in the rough gems amongst them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

P.32A 1992 100 Ringgit Malaysia Error INK SPILLAGE

Another P.32A 100 Ringgit papermoney from Malaysia with a dramatic 'Ink Spillage' error on the Obverse & this time, all the doubting Thomases & the Senior self-acclaimed 'numismatists' agree that this is a bona-fide error that doesn't necessite a third party intervention in the of form PMG to proclaim that this is a genuine error.

The nodding of heads by the doubting Thomases as such has given this piece of numismatic papermoney some form of immortality, matched only perhaps by The Greatest Leader of the entire mankind, Kim Il Sung's immortal Encyclopedia Of The Immortal Juche Idea, perhaps.

Perhaps, a humongous bronze statue in the form of this banknote should be considered & which should not be considered as a numismatic overkill, after all, in the name of immortality, size does matters!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

P.32A 1992 100 Ringgit GHOST IMAGE ERROR Malaysia

An unusual & rather dramatic Ghost Image error with the Reverse design invertedly printed on the Obverse for this 23-year-old piece of numismatic paper, which one thought is impossible or unimaginable to be conceived at the printing mint, but conceived it did, & seen the light of the day, it did too.

But many, many self-anointed numismatic sifus or rather numismatic masters in Malaysia claimed that this is not a genuine error note & that it's a man-made error, and to whoever that man is, let's bow before him & salute him & him & him only for being such a genius for we have not seen a similar genius since Herr Einstein, for what a wonderful farking good job he or she has done numismatically.

And as such, the best 'arbitrator' for this will be PMG, yes, Paper Money Guaranty, & this is where PMG's expert expertise comes in for they are, indeed, the true unndisputed experts in the world of papermoney & to be exact, the world of papermoney grading, separating the bona-fides from the make-believes & distinguishing the gems from the rags. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

P46 2011 Malaysia 10 Ringgit Solid NUmber 4444444 PMG 68

A piece of old 10 Ringgit note from Malaysia with the very prosperous & fortune-bringing very solid Solid Numbers of 4444444, the number that everyone wants numismatically & which, world renowned banknotes grader, PMG, has seen fit to grade it as PMG 68, which of course, is 2 points offcourse from the numismatically orgasmic apex score of 70.

Of course, this Perfect 10 shaped note should have got PMG 70 but PMG is a very conservative when it comes to grading & conservative in this aspect means quality, standard, credibility & respectibility & those are things no papermoney can buy.

Friday, October 9, 2015

P46 2011 10 Ringgit Ladder 1234567 Malaysia PMG 68

A 10 Ringgit Malaysian banknote that has been professionally & properly graded by PMG with the score of 68, a score that's not gloatable obviously as only a score of 70 is worth gloating about in the perfect & immaculate world of numismatics, which means not 3rd best, not 2nd best but the best of the best.

Many notes have already got the score of PMG 70 these days if one cares to google & find out & even some which have been graded 70 are from Malaysia, which is not surprising, considering the high standard as well as perfect quality control all Malaysian notes undergo. Of course, the now superlative score to achieve would be PMG 70++.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Malaysia 1 & 100 Ringgit Solid NO.9999999

2 pieces of the RM1 & RM100 Malaysian note from 2 different series but with the same prefix & number & of course, this is of no cause to shout about as with the hundreds of prefixes printed, there could be thousands of such sets available.

And Solid number 9 is not too a desirable number as number 8 is the one that everyone wants & if the devil is your best friend, solid 6 could be a desirable number & of course, there is an elite group of numismatists who only collect solid 4. Another group of numismatists only want to collect solid 0 apparently if the strong gyrations of the numismatic grapevine is to be believed.

Monday, August 31, 2015

2012 1 Ringgit Polymer Solid 8888888 Malaysia

This is a truly perfect 10 note, very sharp corners in extreme, flat as an airfield & made of externally lasting polymer but forlorn to say, it only managed a score of 64 from the respected numismatics experts from PMG.

However, to be fair, those folks in Sarasota, Florida, know more than most of us as far as grading is concerned & as such, when they give us a 64 even though the subject banknote looks like it deserves to get a 69 or even a 70, there must be a reason, a real solid reason.

We pay them & we should not be questioning them thereafter as that's what objectivity is all about & as said, they are the experts & that's why we pay them & as such, we should not & must not question the grades given, even if such grades seem a bit disappointing to us. 

Anyway, perhaps, the only consolation could be the fact the market price for such Solid 8888888 notes have actually tanked, as can be seen during the recent local auctions whereby Solid 8888888 1 Ringgit notes were affordably priced, whereby even a housewife can buy one or even several pieces if she wants to.

And instead, banknotes with so-called Ladder Numbers of 1234567 & Reverse Ladder ones commanded very hefty premiums. As such, it's time for everyone under the numismatic sun to get into the Ladder Numbers world as it's finally discovered by the local so-called 'numismatists.'

Saturday, August 22, 2015

P34A 1995 1000 Ringgit ZY Last Prefix Malaysia

These are the common 1000 Ringgit notes issued in the 90s & signed by the previous, previous Governor & these bear the Last Prefix of ZY.

In all, this series had 3 Prefixes issued altogether, which is the most compared to other earlier 1000 Ringgit issues, & the Prefixes issued were ZA, ZB & ZY & of course, ZA was the all-important & desired First Prefix & which is commanding the highest price in the obsolete papermoney world.

ZA is always the highly desired & chosen one as it's the First Prefix of all Prefixes and most discerning self-anointed Malaysian numismatists would want the First Prefixed notes in their albums while not giving any hoot to the 2nd or Last Prefixes cos everyone seems to want to be first in life, so it seems.

Of course, these 1000 Ringgit bills have long since been demonetized and it's also good that this was done as it rather cumbersome to go shopping or for an outing carrying these big deno notes as it's ludicrous to pay for a cup of coffee using such a note as you would most probably be effed off for having done so. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

P44 Year 2011 100 Ringgit ZE Replacement Malaysia

This was a note that was purchased from Malaysia's world famous flea market & of course, which is none other than the Amcorp Mall weekend flea market that seems to be able to get people from all over the world to visit it without fail, rain or shine, during every weekend, 24/7.

And this banknote was purchased from the most senior & oldest banknote dealer at Amcorp Mall during last weekend's banknotes hunting session which was a very successful one cos there were many extremely rare & unusual banknotes from British Malaya & Malaysia being put up for sale there as apparently some dealer is retiring for good & wished to unload as many good stuff as possible at the lowest fraternal prices & of course, where else can one get such bargains except at Malaysia's most famous flea market, of course!

But sadly, this banknote was not in UNC condition as it is only About EF condition to an ordinary neophyte collector. Of course, some smart alec has suggested the possibility of sending this banknote to PMG to be independently & very professionally graded but, honestly, take a freaking good look, what's the point as it's only About EF gradewise & that too from the grading scale of a non 'professional grader' & with the high benchmark & standard & reputation already set by PMG, this banknote might just barely get a VF 35 grade & of course, one can forget about even getting that freaking 3-letter EPQ word on it

By the way, is it possible to perhaps have this banknote ironed or pressed a bit, so that perhaps, it can look as if it is in About Uncirculated condition or even better? welcome?!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

P44 100 Ringgit Solid Numbers 8888888 Malaysia

And of course, this rather common banknote as catalogued as P44 according to Pick is all too common but with a rather not-so-common serial numbers of 8888888 and which should please a certain particular segment of the population in the Far East as such a number could finally bring them the ass-luck that they have been waiting for all this while.

And during a recent much hyped numismatic discussion among the great Malaysian numismatic Sifus (yes, that's a capital 'S', mind you) that took place with all the numismatic hoi polloi, the topic of 'prosperous' serial numbers of banknotes was broached & Solid 8 did obtain a solid two-thirds majority consensus among all those present that it indeed is a number most commonly desired in the affluent bon chic bon genre world of numismatics & reliably & apparently, there is a very young but rich collector who is looking for this P44 note with the Last Prefix bearing the Solid 8 Serial Numbers & of course, the concerned banknote is DC 8888888 & apparently, this collector has a very, very, very deep pocket and would pay anything if any big time dealer(d) out there could get hold of this note for him.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

P49 Year 2012 50 Ringgit AAA 0000015 Malaysia

A 50 Ringgit note with an unusual triple-alphabeted Prefix of AAA but with a rather ordinary serial numbers of 0000015, which is a NO, NO, NO numismatically, cos in the world of numismatikspeak, folks would prefer serial numbers like 0000008 or even 0000018 or 0008888 or better still, the rock solid 8888888 after all, these are the type of numbers which are en vogue among many so-called numismatists....

But of course, at times or rather, at most times, we have to make the best of everything, eg, if you are not a millionaire (yet), just make the best of life and live and let live, but, once you are a billionaire, ya, go ahead and get your Gulfstream, get a unit at the Trump Towers and yes, go ahead and get a third wife & why not?!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

5 Ringgit Polymer AA 9999991 Malaysia

The 5 Ringgit banknote bearing the Serial Numbers of AA 9999999 was auctioned off by the Central Bank earlier this year for 15 Malaysian grand & with Buyer's Premium, of course, the total sum is more but why would the buyer care as according to each & every single numismatic masters or rather, Sifus, as we call them here, this is a rather, yes, rather, rare note, as it carries the, as usual, all-desired First Prefix of AA, which comes once in a blue moon as this banknote design must be in use for many donkey years to come, & also the last serial numbers of 9999999, meaning it's the last note.

Of course, the note as featured here is nothing to gloat about as after all, it's almost but unfortunately, not fully a Solid 9 & that's no use, not only in the world of numismatics, but also in many other things in life, eg, it's no use if your lottery ticket misses the first prize by just half a digit as you are going to remain as dirt poor as you are!

But the trillion dollar question here will be is if AA Solid 9 is as they claimed, though still unverifiable, is rare, is of great significance, would this so-called rarity or great significance be nullified if AA 10000000 exists as then, this note would have superseded AA 9999999 by becoming the all so desired last banknote of this series from the very all-desired First Prefix of AA?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Polymer 5 Ringgit Solid Number 1111111 PMG 66 Malaysia

Just another ordinary plastic banknote, only thing is that it's has been professionally & independently graded with a score of 66 & that's what makes it ordinary cos 66 is no cause to gloat-about as it's a norm these days to get grades of PMG 69 & PMG 70 & that too for papermoney & normally, plastic notes are usually 100% perfect, with extremely sharp corners & should be without doubt perfect candidates for perfect PMG 70 score, but, alas, this note, a plastic note, only managed to score a score of a mediocre PMG 66 & with such a lowly score, it's nothing but a black sheep in one's collection.

And to add more insult to an already aggravated injury, the Serial Number is not that of the highly coveted & ultra desired 8888888 as Solid Number 1111111 is not a number that the silent majority of collectors want as most want the all-coveted prosperity laden 8888888 as 8 means money, richness, fame & all that lead to a Hollywoodian lifestyle.

Also, the Prefix of DD is no blessing in disguise for any positive vibes cos DD are equal to 44 & that stands for 'Death' to some folks in this world & that means a double dose of death to some folks in some parts of this world. If the genie in the bottle could grant a wish, then, changing the Prefix of DD to HH would be the desired wish as HH represents 88, which means the instant flow of wealth, money, fame & the eternal Hollywoodian lifestyle.........

Friday, July 17, 2015

Polymer 5 Ringgit Number 10 Million Malaysia Medium Rare

This Polymer note is not a rare note, perhaps, only medium rare as one does not know if a banknote with the serial numbers of 10,000,000 is indeed a bona fide one as more often than not, quite a number of malaysian banknotes with such serial numbers have been returned by the Numero Un unbiaised & totally independent 3rd party numismatic grading company, PMG, in body-bags with the usual remark of 'questionable' & as nothing is free, maybe except for things on planet Pluto, one has to pay 5 Yankee Dollars to PMG just to be told that your piece of numismatic paper is 'questionable.'

But, of course, PMG should know better & in PMG must & should we all trust as after all, as just mentioned, they are the Numero Un dans le monde, when grading banknotes is concerned & that's why when a banknote is graded PMG 70, we do not hesitate to sell out cars to get that fricking, arousing, desirable banknote as PMG 70 is a Perfect 10 banknote, no difference than Farrah Fawcett
or even Lauren Hutton in their prime as for many of us would have 'graded' Farrah Fawcett & Lauren Hutton as 70-pointers!

But, maybe, perhaps, it would be not that bad an idea if such a similar note were to be sent to the new kid on the block called ICG. Let's give these fellas a chance and they do need a break too, as even movie stars do need a break once in a long while. Does anyone know where in the heavens is ICG domiciled?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 ZE Replacements RM50 Malaysia Very Rare

Once in a good long while esp. if one's soliatry virtue is patience, a solid good thing would come along and true as expected, the newly discovered jewel in the form of the RM50 ZE Replacement has been whispered in the Malaysian numismatic world among the taiko Sifus that these ZEs are rather scarce and hard to get, with several Sifus saying that these ZEs carry the rarity of at least RRR, yes, that's 3 Rs for you.

Grapevine has always been a strong source of reliable and trustworthy numismatic news & if learned numismatic Sifus say that these notes are going to be rare, of course, like sheep we have to follow, as after all, we, the numismatic newbies, our job is to follow, same like 'following' someone on Facebook, the same type of 'follow', if you get a wift of that drift!

And simple arithmetic will tell you that the current Replacement is being represented via the Prefix of ZE & it sure cannot go on & on until it stops at ZV or ZW or ZX for a Replacement Prefix. ZE is long enough cos it just can't go on & on with ZF, ZF, ZH,ZJ and so on & so forth, simple common sense will tell us. Maybe due to this simple rationale that even all of us simple folks could configure, the learned Sifus out there have taken a safe & long bullish position to insinuate that ZE could a true-blue Real McCoy in the elusive realm of numismatic rarities..........

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

AA 0000000 RM2 Paperweight Malaysia

This is an RM2 paperweight among the dozens that were picked from Malaysia's most famous flea market, namely the Petaling Street flea market several years back.

Many numismatic sifus have said that this is a rare item, perhaps, with a rarity of RRRR as very few were produced apparently & furthermore, it 'contains' a rather rare RM2 note therein with a Prefix & Serial Numbers normally reserved for a highly desired & sought after Specimen note.

However, some sifus also cautioned that bootlegged copies do exist and since we are not the learned sifus, we cannot be blamed for not knowing which is which is the bona fide copy.

As such, the best way to make sure that one has the bona fide piece is to crack open the acryllic enclosure or  whatever that material is made of & thereafter send it to PMG to be independently & accurately graded. By the way, maybe it could be a better idea to support a new grading company called ICG as a few banknotes graded by these folks have managed to get the all-desired Perfect 10 score & as any proud Master Numis would know, a banknote that is graded with a Perfect 10 score normally has a price tag of no less than 5 figures & what's more with an exceptionally scare (sic) & rare piece of gem like this?!

Apparently, the all-trusted & reliable grapevine intimated that ICG is actually domiciled in Luxembourg & if any kind soul out there does know their snail mail address, please, don't be selfish, you know what to do, okay?

Friday, June 12, 2015

1998 Uncut Commonwealth Games Polymer Notes Malaysia

This is of course the 3-piece Uncut $50 Polymer note issued 20 years ago to commemorate the hosting of the Commonwealth Games by Malaysia.

Even after the rather long passage of almost 20 solid years, there has not been much appreciation pricewise of this commemorative polymer issue due to its rather higher mintage/issue & even today, one can still buy a piece of this polymer note online or offline for just less than RM100 & it was issued at RM80, then, so you would have made more money by putting your RM80 under your pillow.

And since a normal piece of this note is just going for a miserable less than RM100, you don't need a Post Graduate student to tell you that the value of this 3-piece Uncut should be just around RM300, which is not even 100 Yankee Dollars. As this is not a rare note or something worth wasting a scream for, & pointless to collect, this note has been sold this morning to a big-time dealer at the Petaling Street Flea Market for just around more or less 100 Yankee Dollars, which is considered a rather good price for such a non-collectible.

Monday, June 8, 2015

12 Not Running Pieces RM1 Solid 8888888 Malaysia Almost AUNC

Numismatic collectors in nearby Hong Kong give priority to banknotes bearing the Solid Numbers of 8888888 as these are apparently, but not yet scientifically proven, prosperous numbers which will, also yet to be, until now, scientifically proven, bring immense prosperity to its owner or even it's co-owner and/or his entire family tree and/or clan.

But in all honesty, as far as these notes from the Malaysian 11th series are concerned, is it worth all the gloat, or even crowing or even shouting or trumpeting as you don't really need to get an 'A' from Further Mathematics in your GCE 'A' Levels to know that there's hell of a farking lot of these Solid 8s from the entire series starting from the Prefix of AA to YZ & from AAA to AGP, & most probably, there could be 800 pieces or more. 800 pieces is hell of a farking lot in the numismatic world, if you care to consult all those well-known numismatic sifus.

As such, paying a bomb for such prosperity-bringing notes is nothing but self delusion. In fact, it would be better to collect Reverse-Go-Astern or rather, Reverse Ladder Numbers, ie, 7654321, as this one is much lesser in the market & as such, more likely to bring its owner profused prosperity & wealth.........

Saturday, June 6, 2015

100 Running Pieces $100 Yankee Dollars

If you don't know what these are, then, you must have either just arrived from Jupiter or you are currently in a sanatorium to have your head checked or you were just born a sec ago.

Of course, these are the ever famous Yankee Dollars or rather the Greenback although this 'new edition' looks more like the 'Blueback.'

And this is the legal tender currency of the world as it's legal tender even in Timbuktu, no worries, & despite trillions more being printed to revive the almost moribund US economy, this is the paper that everyone in this world wants to have a piece of.

Even the once food basket of Africa, the great Zimbabwe, put an end to its hyperinflation by using the Yankee Dollar as its national currency in place of its pile-of-rocks currency which was going down to the dogs with the passage of every second & it was so bad that a piece of that pile-of-rock dollar can't even buy a piece of your girlfriend's used tampon, ya, that's how it was, then, from food basket to a basket case!

If there's ever such a thing as man's best friend, this is it, this is the Real McCoy, the evergreen Yankee Dollar!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

ZD 1987 $100 PMG 66 Malaysia

Another nothing-to-gloat-about Malaysian note as even though it bears the Prefix of ZD, it's however NOT a Replacement, but just another ordinary note of its series, but, nonetheless, its owner had nothing better to do but had it professionally & independently graded by none other than the world-famous, reputable grading house, PMG. Maybe, this person submitted 100 Running Pieces to PMG as it's very much cheaper to submit in this form & which numismatists called the Bulk Submission; a piece apparently only costs 13 Yankee Dollar to be graded in this way.

It's unfortunate as everyone knows by now that the Replacement note for this Series bears the Prefix of ZU & NOT ZD. Also, very unfortunate that it doesn't bear the Prefix of AA as at least AA is something gloatable, as after all, AA should be the First Prefix, just something like A/1 or AAA or whatever, as long as there is an A or more than an A there.

And despite the passage of almost solid 30 years, the note looks as if it just came out from the mint/printer yesterday cos it looks as pristine as it can get, but of course, what it couldn't get is a superlative score of PMG 70 & of course, whenever anyone sends a note to PMG, one is hoping to score a score of PMG 70 because even an ordinary banknote with a score of PMG 70 can be sold for RM20K according to the usual reliable grapevine & in fact, according to the same reliable grapevine, there's a long queue of numismatists who are more than willing to pay even higher to lay their anxious hands on such a note with such an obnoxiously superlative score..........

Friday, May 29, 2015

ZD 8888888 RM10 Solid Number PMG 66 Malaysia

This is the extremely common Malaysian Replacement from the 11th series & why is it extremely common is a question not worth dignifying as after all, if one were to refer to a copy of the Malaysian numismatic catalogue, this Replacement is being tagged a price of approximately RM30 a piece & of course, when one wants to buy anything numismatic, one MUST refer to the catalogue as that's what the catalogue is for cos it's not a comic book to be read & cast aside but something that one must constantly carry along as it's a point of reference or to aptly put it, it's a bible of the numismatic universe.

Of course, if you were a master haggler & you can buy stuff below the recommended catalogue prices, then, of course, you can call humbly call yourself a master negotiator for a job well done vide your various successful purchases below the catalogue price(s).

At the same time, the so-called recommended price for a Solid Number 8 from the the Malaysian 11th series for this deno is more or less RM2 grand apparently, a small sum to some but could be a princely sum to many others & as such, this banknote is, perhaps, just worth around, maybe, if we add up the price of the normal Replacement ZD & the equivalent Solid Number of 8, you don't need a degree scholar to tell your humble self that the market price could or should & would be around RM2,030 & of course, this is a freaking good price for a piece of paper money with a face value of just RM10 & taking into consideration that one has not factored in the omnipresent inflationary factor, if you get the drift, & once you have factored that in, it must be less that the face value & thus, not worthy of any desire to gloat or crow about, but of course, such topic and/or issue should be left to a PhD scholar to dissect and/or digress as after all, how many of us are of scholarly material? 

Over on this freaking board, one should stay focussed on issues of numismatic interest & not stray into economic issues for that we leave to a him or even her who has a PhD in Economics, perhaps.................

Monday, May 18, 2015

1989 RM1000 PMG 64 & PMG 66 EPQ Malaysia

2 Running or rather Consecutive pieces of the now obsolete & defunct $1000 note issued somewhere in the 80s or possibly in the 90s.

Nothing unusual or rare or scarce or 'scare' (sic) with these 2 notes as they are neither here nor there as far as rarity goes & as such, one can save the much utilised initials of 'RRRRR' for this pair as everyone knows, the rarer variety is the one signed by Governor Jaffar Hussein.

The only thing unusual about these 2 notes must be the fact that even though they are in consecutive sequence & as such, they are no different than indentical twins but when it came to be professionally & independently graded, they came in 2 different grades. 

How could this be possible as after all, these 2 pieces came from a stack of 100 Running Pieces & from the 100 pieces from this very stack which were already graded by the esteemed grading house, PMG, 2 pieces actually got PMG 68 grades. That's no secret as the PMG Population will attest to this.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

1982 $100 ZZ Replacement Malaysia

By now, every self-anointed numismatic hero in Malaysia would know that any such note graded PMG 65 would be valued at more than 20 Malaysian grand as after all, during the recently concluded numismatic auction held at the PJ Hilton, such a note was hammered down at 20 grand & with the buyer's commission included, that's 23 grand, small money to some people but big money for the working class.

But, let's not disabuse ourselves from thinking that one could sell a similar note at the same price directly to the buyer(s). Most buyers, big buyers would never buy at such prices directly from you, they would beg for discounts & after discounted prices are given, they would further beg for more discounts from the already discounted prices.

However, during auctions, one doesn't see such 'behaviour' as everyone on the floor seems to want to outdo one another by trying to buy as high as possible. Perhaps, this is what one would label as irrational exuberance but what the hell, buyers are the Smartest Alecs & maybe, the observers who label such buyers as dunggus are themselves the unanointed dunggus, perhaps.

But let this be absolutely clear, or else, let yourselves be forever cursed by the good guardians of the heavens --whoever can't spring out 20k for this featured note, please waste time not & do kindly go & get a cold shower....

Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 RM20 ZC Replacements Malaysia The Real McCoy!

A learned but self-anointed numismatic sifu has declared that the fresh-from-the-oven RM20 ZC note with 3 Zeroes is indeed the Real McCoy as far as Rarity is concerned & as far as the recent batch of Replacements is concerned, but Rarity in the numismatic realm comes in many variations, cos, it could R,RR,RRR,RRRR or even RRRRR, eh bien, si tu comprends ce que je veux dire, mon vieux...

But of course, just like your bank accounts, the more zeroes one gets for such Replacements, that so much is better as it's a contest in fact for the total number of zeroes being present being the pivotal thing, more zeroes the merrier and more banknotes to be sent to PMG or even the newly launched CMC Grading Institution headquartered in Taiwan, and more dough being spent on grading fees and of cos, in the high freaking hopes of getting superlative grades like PMG 68, or even 69 or even the farkingly high to reach PMG 70 grade.....

And of cos, if one gets PMG 70, one can gloat & scream & shout as that could be the only solitary piece of such perfect-10 grade in this region and apparently, according to a very unreliable numismatic backroom chatter, a Sifu is willing to pay 10 Thousand Yankee Dollars for a note from Malaysia that has been graded PMG 70, no questions asked, regardless if the note is rare or half-rare or totally not rare; important criterion is it MUST be graded PMG 70 as PMG 70 is very, very rare, perhaps, as rare as a Rarity of RRRRR.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Erratum! 2015 ZD RM10 Replacement Malaysia No Longer Rare

Actually, the learned sifu who said this ZD Replacement is a rare issue & will be the future's bright shining star has got his marbles all mixed-up as this ZD is not a rare note after all.

But it was rare for 2 weeks & that's what matters as after all, being at the top of the charts for 2 weeks is better than not at all. It's just like being the World NO.1 player for such & such a sports & thereafter slide all the way down as there's always cause to gloat about when you're at NO.1, regardless whether you stayed there for say a day or a week. Same thing when you are at the NO.1 position at the Billboards's Top 100 for just a week; a week is better than no week and above all, how many clowns out there enjoy the bragging rights for 1 freaking week!

Too many sifus nowadays & for him/them to err is perfectly human and let's achieve divinity by forgiving him/her/them, ok? Sometimes, the sifu's crystal ball also can malfunction as it does need servicing and calibration at times as do any mortal creations would need.

According to the very same sifu, as per his now fully serviced & calibrated crystal ball, the Real McCoy as far as the new Replacements for the year 2015 is concerned is actually the new RM20 ZC Replacements as this ZC seems to be a rather scarce note & could be that elusive shining star in this vast numismatic universe & perhaps a peer thru the numismatic telescope is totally superfluous & unnecessary to ascertain such bullish claims as after all, he is the sifu, the numismatic sifu & in him we should all trust...... 

Friday, January 30, 2015

2014 ZC Replacement RM10 Malaysia Confirmed RARE

Whether or not the RM10 ZC Replacement is a rare item is too moot to be further discussed as it's so obvious that with the appearance of the recent hottie, ie, the ZD, the ZC is history, history in the sense that it's no longer in the production line and thus, fully deserves to be deservingly titled with the seldom used 4-letter-worded Title called "Rare."

With ZD jumping to the forefront, ZC mathematically & commonsensewise is in a league of its own raritywise as after all, with ZD superceding it, we don't need a Einsteinesque professor to mathematically tells us that ZC should get scarce or rather have gotten scarce, & of course, with Scarcity, comes Rarity & with Rarity, comes the inevitable & all-desired Glory.

Yes, that's the world of numismatics, whereby, those with 4-letter-worded Title of 'Rare' is the All-desired, the All-wanted ones because with the All-desired ones & the All wanted ones, come Glory, eternal Glory & with Glory comes Profitability & with Profitability comes naturally present Man's best friend, Money.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Part II 2015 ZD RM10 Replacement Rather Rare Malaysia

Pursuant to the previous ramblings on this Replacement issue, it's indeed confirmed that this evasive ZD Replacement is rather rare as one can't at this moment see any for sale online, eg, you can't see any on eBay, & neither can you see it for sale offline, eg, at the flea markets, & there were definitely none for sale at the SP Pasar Lambak last week!

As such, the 'Rarity' for this ZD could possibly be RRRRRR & thus, could be the future numismatics talk of the town.

Of course, as usual, some BCBG numismatics degree-holders would crow for ZDs with as many zeroes as possible as it seems that in the world of Malaysian numismatics, the more zeroes the better as far as the Serial Numbers are concerned. But, this irrational exuberance & silly infantile cravings for all things numismatics definitely do not make rational sense as the most important thing as far as plenty of zeroes are concerned is that of your bank account, not that of your banknotes' serial number, didn't your tuition teacher tell you that, my dear Bernard!?

The 4k pieces of these ZD have already been sent for grading and it's definitely not expensive as with bulk submissions, PMG only charges for each piece submitted at the rate of 13 Yankee Dollars only & that's peanuts for most folks who consider numismatics as their second wives....

By the way, it's better to put on record that these 4,000 pieces of RM10 ZDs are NFS, ie, Not For Sale, and they are only FSO, ie, For Sharing Only, yes, Sharing, is indeed, Caring......

Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 New Factory Fresh ZD Replacement RM10 Malaysia Rare!

Of course and in case if you are living in a far-flung cave, these are of course the latest RM10 ZD Replacements from Malaysia, and they should become very rare soon as it's not easy to get Replacements as Replacements were printed to replace defective notes but the percentage of such notes is very low & as such, you don't need to be a Stephen Hawking to know mathematically that the total amount printed for Replacements issues is actually negligible, and with less comes scarcity & with scarcity, of course, comes rarity, maybe a rarity of, say, RRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Yes, rare, rare, rare, rare, rare & freaking rare!

And of course, all these 4,000 or so pieces of these ZD Replacements would need to be professionally graded & of course, when the time comes, the grading house of choice would be none other than PMG, the apex numismatics grading house of the world. With PMG, comes quality, pristine, upper echeloned, uncompromised quality, yes, grade A quality.

Apparently, according to the reliable numismatics chatter, if this rare note is given a grade of PMG 70 EPQ, a single piece can fetch thousands of dollars and if this indeed true & if the referred numismatics chatter is not crap, then, this pile of notes is not just a pile of money with a face value, it's in fact a colossal pile of gold, and of course, you do know that gold has been for thousands of years man's best friend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AA,AB,AC,AD,AE,AF 0000018 Not Very Low Numbers RM50 Notes Malaysia

These are very obviously 5 or rather 6 pieces of the RM50 notes that are currently in circulation in Malaysia & which bear the not very low serial numbers of 0000018, after all, NO.18 is not low or rather, low enough. The lowest of the lows should be NO.1 & which asshole might be having the much envied NO.1 pieces if someone or anyone of you out there knows? Do the public a great service by keeping us all in the loop, will you?!

And actually this so-called set of 6 pieces is nothing but a pathetic attempt to create something out of nothing & the simple reason is because the first note with the Prefix of AA is not NO.18 but is a rather unmatching number of 20018 & that is, if you don't mind, twenty thousand and eighteen & that has nothing to do with NO.18, but since, one can't get NO.18 as that one with NO.18 has been issued & already busy in circulation and should now be in VG condition, this piece with the Serial NOs of 20018 should be good enough as the last 2 digits of 18 do rhyme with the rest of the 5 notes, so what the hell, after all, this is not a perfect 10 contest whereby ever freaking thing has to be a perfect 10.

As usual, these notes have already been sent to a professional grading house to be professionally graded, and just for a change, just like one can't have boiled potatoes for breakfast daily day-in day-out, these notes have been sent to "CMC Grading Institution" to be slabbed & the costs are of no concern as money is not an issue and has never been as issue when it comes to everything numismatic. These CMC folks are here: http://cmcgrading.com/index2.php
But unfortunately, this website is not decipherable to an unerudit moron like yours truly, as it's all in Japanese or is it in Greek?! Ya, it's all Greek to me!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

ZZ 0021884 1981 $100 Signed by Mr Aziz Taha

A $100 note issued in 1981, pardon me if I got the date wrong, signed by Mr Aziz Taha, with the Prefix of ZZ, and am honestly not sure if this is a so-called Replacement issue or not as normally Malaysian Replacements bear the Prefix of ZA, while this one is ZZ. My good trusted buddy told me this is definitely NOT a Replacement banknote, & honestly, I don't really give a shit as after all, this banknote is only in About Fine Condition, at most, Fine Condition, so what is there to gloat about? There is nothing overly bosomy with this note really, if you get ma drift.

Some Smart Aleck suggested that this banknote should or rather ought to be sent to PMG to be professionally graded for posterity purposes but if the banknote is only in About Fine condition, what's the point of sending it all the way to Florida to be graded as PMG doesn't belong to our grandfather cos if it belongs to our grandfather, the grading fees could & would & should be waived.

Also, another Smart Aleck suggested that instead of sending this note to PMG (in view of the various costs involved, not to mention the possible danger of the aerial journey to Florida just in case if the plane gets into some weather and/or mechanical trouble mid-flight), I might as well send this note to be graded by a local grading house. Is it true that there is/are local numismatic grading house(s)? May I know what's their charges, what's their turnover time & where are they located at? Thankyouverymuch.