Wednesday, December 31, 2014

ZB 0134116 RM1 Polymer PMG 65 EPQ 'No Longer RARE'

Tout d'abord, à tous mes amis des 4 coins du monde, je veux te souhaite tous Une Bonne Année ainsi que beaucoup de succes pour cette année & liebe alle meine Freunde & Freundinnen dieser Welt, hoffentlich daß fur Ihnen in diesem neuer Jahr alles gut ist!

A Very Happy New 2015 to you folks wherever you are including those folks at the North & South Poles!

But it seems that Year 2015 might not be a good year for yours truly as I am already taking a big hit as the banknote that I am so cocksure of being rare has turned out to be nothing but a piece of worthless shit.

The ZB RM1 Polymer Replacement has always been believed to be a rare note due to its seemingly extreme scarcity and I have bought a total of 164 pieces more than half a year ago at RM200 each, just as a form of long term investment holding, something to be passed on to my great, great grandchildren.

But alas, recently, accordingly to extremely reliable grapevine, there are already 7 million pieces of this note out now as according to the same grapevine, the one with the Serial NOs of ZB 7xxxxxx has been sighted & you don't have to be an Einstein to know bloody well that if there are 7 million pieces of a particular freaking note, this freaking note is definitely & cannot be rare unless of course if ou are a nutcase.

And that's my blardy freaking problem now as 2 months ago the biggest numismatic dealer in town offered me RM800 each, but I refused to sell as I wanted RM1,200 each and I suppose this is the consequence being a greedy pig. Like they say, "Bulls & Bears Will Survive, Only The Greedy Pigs Die!" How true.

But I have another bigger problem now as all these 164 pieces of ZB have been graded. They have been properly graded by PMG, the world famous authoritative independent banknotes grader, NOT some other graders as there seems to be quite a number of banknotes graders these days besides PMG! Grading 164 banknotes costs money as PMG doesn't belong to my grandfather. Even though among these 164 pieces as a consolation, I have managed to get 30 pieces graded at PMG 67 EPQ, 11 Pieces at PMG 68 EPQ, 5 Pieces at PMG 69 EPQ & 2 Pieces at PMG 70 EPQ, while the rest are PMG 65 & 66 EPQ.

But with the surfacing of the bigger numbers, theoretically giving the impression that there are about 7 million pieces of this note floating around, I have, as this year's New Year Resolution, decided to take a hair-cut or rather cut loss as after all, a man has to do what a man has to do - I have sold all these 164 pieces of ZB to a very mall-time dealer in Sabah for just RM150 each. Ya, a hefty loss but a lesson well learnt & my New Year 2015 certainly started with a bang but ah suppose in the wrong way.

OK, I promise & swear that I will not repeat my above mistake again this year. Actually, I already promised my grandfather last year, ie, on New Year's Eve, that I am quitting the numismatic world as I can't be forever taking losses & constantly losing my pants.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

On Sabbatical Leave In Bhutan

Am On An Extended Sabbatical Leave In Bhutan, the Best Country In The World, someone once said...........