Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Malaysia 1976 3rd Series $10 Banknote

***Among the early Malaysian banknotes of the $10 deno, the 3rd Series is the cheapest & the most common.
Despite the passage of 40 long years, it's still a laggard pricewise & as such, there is nothing to crow, gloat, shout or trumpet about even if the note bears a so & so solid numbers.
After all, its prefix is neither the all-desirable first nor the last prefix but it's just another lousy middle prefix & also, if one were to count the prefixes from the first to the last, actually, quite a hell of a lot of these notes were printed & thus, the quantity for the total solid numbers printed is quite colossal, so all crowings, gloatings, shoutings & trumpeting should be reserved for a much rarer banknote compared to this common one.

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