Monday, December 2, 2013

Burma Japanese Invasion Money 1 Rupee Block Letters Omitted

***A worthless 1 Rupee Japanese Invasion Money used in Burma but which seems to come without its all-common Block letters of BD.
But surely, the all-efficient Japs couldn't have omitted printing the Block letters.
And if local Malaysian banknotes can have had the Agung portraits on them removed, & thus, making them 'excellent errors', surely, these JIM notes' Block letters could be removed too,& very easily that is, esp. now that there are so many newly crowned sifus, or rather senseis or better still, grandmasters, in the Malaysian numismatic world.
That being the case, then, this banknote is nothing but a 'post-mint job', but a very professionally done 'post-mint job' that each and everyone of us should & must be proud of.

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