Friday, September 20, 2013

Malaysia 2012 $10 First Prefix AA 0050001

***Actually, this is an old story, an old story because this is already more than a year old now and in the world of numismatics, a year is a freaking long time, but there is no harm to feature a banknote that one is already tired of, just like there is no harm putting old wine into a shiny brand-new bottle, sozusagen, right?
Of course, there is nothing to trumpet about as after all what's the freaking big deal with a banknote bearing the First Prefix of 'AA' as every motherfreaker by now would have had a similar note in their possessions unlike the days of yore, when no one is on the look-out for the First Prefixed banknotes, but then, then, most First Prefixed banknotes do not start with the Prefix of 'AA.'
As such, the current First Prefixed 'AA' notes are nothing to gloat about but rather, are meant to be spent when one goes shopping.

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