Friday, August 2, 2013

Malaysia 2013 $1 ZC Replacements

***From the newly reinforced 20-foot monetary vault of Sir Raymond Chang, here are the latest Replacements in the form of none other than the ZCs.
Of course, everyone is looking for those with 5 or even 6 zeroes but waste your time not folks as they are firmly in the grasp of our respected numismatic market leader and he is none other than, of course, Sir Raymond Chang.
By the way, they are for sale, so, please don't hesitate to ask, okay?
Anyway, according to the usual very reliable underground grapevine, the RM1 ZD is also out but just not sighted yet and as such, this ZD could be the rare one, the one that everyone would want to have a chunk of.
According to one particular 'Sifu,' it would be out during this Hari Raya, so, do stand-by at the ATM machines or maybe, get the money-changers to help you.....

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