Monday, July 1, 2013

Malaysia 2013 $1 ZA 0000022 PMG 66 EPQ

***A perfect 10 banknote in form & shape printed on eternally lasting polymer material but no matter how perfect the banknote is, one still can't get PMG70, but instead got a lousy PMG66 only.
But that's what PMG is all about, & it's all about maintaining a credible high standard and which in turn, brings extra value to the subject note that was graded, & no wonder, most banknotes already graded by PMG command high prices when sold, because PMG has credibility when it comes to banknotes grading as they do not simply give out superlative grades to any bloody note even though that particular note through our naked eyes seems totally perfect & without flaws.
If every UNC banknote esp. those printed on polymer were to be given PMG 70, then, PMG might become the NO.1 laughing stock of the numismatic world as then the highest mark of 70 would no longer be something that's scarce & rare!

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