Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Malaysia 1976 $100 PMG Choice UNC 64 EPQ

***There had been lots  and lots of heated coffee-shops discussions as to which is the rarer $100 Malaysian banknote and many have wrongly proclaimed that this one, ie, the 4th Series, should be crowned as the rarest.
But, actually, by using common sense & simple arithmetic, one doesn't need to be an Einstein wannabee to know that the 1st Series $100 Malaysian banknote should be the rarer one compared to its compatriot from the 4th Series as the 1st Series had only 3 prefixes issued, while the 4th Series had as many as 6 prefixes, which means, the total quantity printed was double that of the 1st Series. Isn't that simple enough!
Also, the 1st Series comes with the Old Spelling & Old Spelling means extra premium for this banknote and that means extra rarity for the note........

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