Saturday, July 27, 2013

Malaysia 2013 Error $100 ZA Replacement Without Golden Stripe

***Honestly, is there something to shout about, to crow about, to trumpet about, to croak and to gloat about as far as this banknote is concerned as the fat jury is still out?
Apparently, the Golden Stripe found at the Reverse is missing and as such, this could be the prince of some gloating rights, but then, this could also a 'post-mint job.'
But how to know if it's indeed a 'post-mint job?' Well, the best thing to do is to consult the many numismatic sifus in Malaysia but who is the best person to consult?
Maybe, Sifu & Pakar Numis Steven Tan could be consulted on this in order to make sure that this is no 'post-mint job' as after all, Sifu & Pakar Numis Steven Tan is one of the most senior, if not the most senior, numismatists in town and whose opinion should be invaluable and should carry lots of credible weight.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Malaysia 1976 $100 PMG Choice UNC 64 EPQ

***There had been lots  and lots of heated coffee-shops discussions as to which is the rarer $100 Malaysian banknote and many have wrongly proclaimed that this one, ie, the 4th Series, should be crowned as the rarest.
But, actually, by using common sense & simple arithmetic, one doesn't need to be an Einstein wannabee to know that the 1st Series $100 Malaysian banknote should be the rarer one compared to its compatriot from the 4th Series as the 1st Series had only 3 prefixes issued, while the 4th Series had as many as 6 prefixes, which means, the total quantity printed was double that of the 1st Series. Isn't that simple enough!
Also, the 1st Series comes with the Old Spelling & Old Spelling means extra premium for this banknote and that means extra rarity for the note........

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Malaysia 1976 $100 X/1 Replacement

***Of course this is, indeed, a Replacement Issue issued way, way before many of you out there were born.
But as you folks would know by now, this is neither a scarce nor a rare Malaysian replacement issue as the RM2 ZB is a rarer & a scarcer note and even the the so-called RM1 CR Aishah Banknote should be rarer and more difficult to grab hold of.
Furthermore, the X/1 Prefix is not popular among collectors as most collectors prefer the 'Z' Prefix for Replacement issues.
And above all, no gongs need to be superfluously hammered as this banknote is only in the About Fine or Fine++++ grade.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Malaysia 1976 $500 Tapir Coin Gold Coin 1oz

***This gold coin with a face value of $500 was issued way, way back before many were born, ie, 1976, as part of the World Wildlife Conservation series.
More than 2,800 pieces of this coin were minted totally & as such, this gold coin is NOT a scarce nor rare coin since there are just too many of these around.
It's just another gold coin but it doesn't consist of 999% pure gold & it's always better to buy Maple Leaf, for example, which is 999.9 pure gold compared to this Tapir Gold.
Tapir Gold is neither a "Buy" nor a "Hold" at this moment.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Malaysia 2012 $100 Solid Numbers 9999999 PMG 66 EPQ

***Just another piece of the Malaysian solid numbers banknotes, which by now one would have seen a lot as there's always a deluge of these for sale online & offline.
And of course, the jewel of the crown would be one bearing the solid numbers of 8888888 & as such, there is nothing to gloat or crow about for this piece of banknote, as what is a '9' compared to an '8?!'
But, one Smart Alec has kindly pointed out that this particular banknote is the last solid number banknote for the RM100 deno for the 12th Series.
Is this true?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Malaysia 2013 $1 ZA 0000022 PMG 66 EPQ

***A perfect 10 banknote in form & shape printed on eternally lasting polymer material but no matter how perfect the banknote is, one still can't get PMG70, but instead got a lousy PMG66 only.
But that's what PMG is all about, & it's all about maintaining a credible high standard and which in turn, brings extra value to the subject note that was graded, & no wonder, most banknotes already graded by PMG command high prices when sold, because PMG has credibility when it comes to banknotes grading as they do not simply give out superlative grades to any bloody note even though that particular note through our naked eyes seems totally perfect & without flaws.
If every UNC banknote esp. those printed on polymer were to be given PMG 70, then, PMG might become the NO.1 laughing stock of the numismatic world as then the highest mark of 70 would no longer be something that's scarce & rare!