Saturday, June 29, 2013

Malaysia 1971 20 Sen NGC MS 66

***Of course, when one sends a coin to NGC to be slabbed, one always hope to get at least MS67 or the all-coveted MS68 for a coin with a business strike & in this aspect, MS66 is truly a big disappointment even though the coin looks truly BU.
This coin has a total mintage of almost 10 million and that's a freaking huge mintage and compared to its 10 sen cousin of the same year, which has a total mintage of only a mere 33,000 pieces, these 10 million sure sound & look colossal and certainly will never fall under the scarce category.
So why send it to be slabbed as the costs for doing so is actually higher than the numismatic value of the coin itself?
Maybe, perhaps, NGC belongs to one's father or grandfather.

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