Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Haiti 1979 Specimen 250 Gourdes Tyvek PMG 66 EPQ

***A banknote that's not worth crowing about as according to the 12th Edition of the Standard Catalogue of World Paper money, this Specimen piece is only worth 50 Yankee Dollars.
Of course, now it's featured prominently in the hereafter Tyvek Museum after a very short-lived stint in the supposedly eternal plastic world of banknotes, but as usual, when one hopes for something, something else will happen.
This banknote is supposed to be eternally durable, being the first 'plastic' banknote to be circulated, but instead, it's life was cut short due to its non-durability!
And why would one want to have this banknote graded by PMG as the costs for having this banknote graded could be higher than the current market value of this banknote in the numismatic market, unless of course, if PMG belongs to one's father or grandfather?!

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