Friday, May 17, 2013

Malaysia 1978 20 Sen Coin NGC MS67

***Whoever sent this 1978 20sen Malaysian coin to NGC for slabbing is a real dungu because this is NOT a gloatable item, a coin that's not worth any effort to crow about.
The real rare, rare, rare & rare Malaysian coin that should be sent to NGC for slabbing rightfully should be the 1971 10 sen coin as this coin only has a miniscule mintage of 30,000 odd pieces and as such, this is the bluest of the Malaysian coins keydatewise and the so-called undisputed Malaysian crown-in-the-jewel coin & in fact, as many of these 1971 coins as possible should be sent to NGC or even PCGS for grading.
Really, why would one want to send a normal, plain and ordinary coin in the form of the 1978 20 sen to grading is beyond comprehension as after all, the total mintage of the 1978's 20 sen totals to more than 6 million pieces and you probably will get a piece in loose change when you go and buy a piece of newspaper.
And what's the big deal with MS67 anyway? If it's MS70, then, it's worth the hassle to gloat & crow about while dragging a fag.

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