Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Malaysia 1970 20 Sen Coin NGC MS65

***And whoever sent this coin to NGC for slabbing is, let's repeat, not only an asshole but must be a great imbecile with extra dough to throw around for the Malaysian 20 sen coin dated 1970 is not a scarce or rare coin so-to-speak, as it has a rather huge mintage of more than 1,000,000 pieces.
Why then the dunguistic action taken by this clown for having had this coin slabbed?
This clown should know that the RAREST Malaysian coin is none other than the all famous but very rare as well as scarce one in the form of the 10 sen coin struck in year 1971 because it only has a mintage of roughly around 32,000 pieces and one doesn't need to be a young Einstein to know that with 32,000 pieces officially, this 1971 10 sen is, indeed, the rarest mother of all Malaysian coins and as such, should any Malaysian coin that deserves to be sent for slabbing, it should be or rather MUST be this 1971 10 sen coin.

Yes, let hail & hail again to this 10 sen copper-nickel piece so uniquely struck in year 1971!
Yes, indeed, the 10 sen coin dated 1971 is the rarest father of all Malaysian coins and there are none others that can come close to it!

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