Thursday, May 30, 2013

Malaysia 1978 20 Sen Coin NGC MS 64

***A real disappointment when this very beautiful coin came back only with a 64 but then, it could be a blessing in disguise for it could have been graded as "AU Details."
A freaking 64 is definitely better than a lousy 63 as many folks have gloated high & low even when they got a mere 63.
Anyway, the infamous & unreliable grapevine has it that someone in Malaysia is going to open a numismatic grading company but the problem its address could not be confirmed yet.
If this coin were to be graded locally, it would in most likelihood be graded as MS 69 or even possibly, MS 70......

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Malaysia 1998 $100 Harrison & Son

***A stack of 100 consecutive pieces of the $100 banknote printed by Harrison & Son & which should be in UNC condition but unfortunately, due to the toll of these past 20 years or so, these banknotes are already 65% to 66% foxing, or rather they are suffering from tropicalisation or are rather ageing or whatever.
If there is a problem, there's always a solution, so to speak, for maybe, Sir Raymond Chang can lend a helping hand in getting all these ugly brown stains removed.
It's a very secretly & jealously guarded knowhow which Sir Raymond will never divulge but of course, his learned Lordship wouldn't mind helping an old ageing friend in tackling this common problem of numismatic tropicalisation.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Malaysia 1970 20 Sen Coin NGC MS65

***And whoever sent this coin to NGC for slabbing is, let's repeat, not only an asshole but must be a great imbecile with extra dough to throw around for the Malaysian 20 sen coin dated 1970 is not a scarce or rare coin so-to-speak, as it has a rather huge mintage of more than 1,000,000 pieces.
Why then the dunguistic action taken by this clown for having had this coin slabbed?
This clown should know that the RAREST Malaysian coin is none other than the all famous but very rare as well as scarce one in the form of the 10 sen coin struck in year 1971 because it only has a mintage of roughly around 32,000 pieces and one doesn't need to be a young Einstein to know that with 32,000 pieces officially, this 1971 10 sen is, indeed, the rarest mother of all Malaysian coins and as such, should any Malaysian coin that deserves to be sent for slabbing, it should be or rather MUST be this 1971 10 sen coin.

Yes, let hail & hail again to this 10 sen copper-nickel piece so uniquely struck in year 1971!
Yes, indeed, the 10 sen coin dated 1971 is the rarest father of all Malaysian coins and there are none others that can come close to it!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Malaysia 1978 20 Sen Coin NGC MS67

***Whoever sent this 1978 20sen Malaysian coin to NGC for slabbing is a real dungu because this is NOT a gloatable item, a coin that's not worth any effort to crow about.
The real rare, rare, rare & rare Malaysian coin that should be sent to NGC for slabbing rightfully should be the 1971 10 sen coin as this coin only has a miniscule mintage of 30,000 odd pieces and as such, this is the bluest of the Malaysian coins keydatewise and the so-called undisputed Malaysian crown-in-the-jewel coin & in fact, as many of these 1971 coins as possible should be sent to NGC or even PCGS for grading.
Really, why would one want to send a normal, plain and ordinary coin in the form of the 1978 20 sen to grading is beyond comprehension as after all, the total mintage of the 1978's 20 sen totals to more than 6 million pieces and you probably will get a piece in loose change when you go and buy a piece of newspaper.
And what's the big deal with MS67 anyway? If it's MS70, then, it's worth the hassle to gloat & crow about while dragging a fag.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Japanese Invasion Money Netherlands Indies 10 Gulden SA222533

***This banknote looks like UNC, feels like UNC and sure do smells like UNC and what the hell, it's UNC or rather should be UNC, no need to throw money into the gutter by having it sent to PMG.
And what's the big deal about such banana banknotes issued by the Japs during World War II as our grandmas & grandpas had at one time burnt truckloads of such worthless bananas banknotes left behind by the Japs.
Just why some numismatic morons would want to pay a high price for such banknotes is beyond comprehension.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Malaysia 2012 $5 Polymer 0000001 To 0000010

***10 pieces of the previous RM5 polymer note with the so-called low numbers, courtesy from the "Sir Raymond's Collection."
Is there cause to gloat with regards to these 10 pieces of semi-plastics?
Maybe not, as after all, Sir Raymond has decided to put these 10 pieces up for auction for this coming Spink's Auction which will be held as usual in Singapore.
In fact, if all the grapevine's murmurings were to be believed, the entire "Sir Raymond's Collection" will be going under the hammer and this Fall must be one hell of a time numismatically as the Malaysian numismatic scene has been sorely & freakingly lacking in fresh leads as of late.