Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Malaysia $5 Solid Numbers EL 8888888 PMG Super Gem UNC 67 EPQ

***And yet another banknote that was off-target when sent to PMG for 'slabbing' as it's expected that this banknote would be returned as PMG 70 as, after all, it's a perfect 10 banknote, esp. when it's a polymer one with no handling marks and as pristine & virginal as any fresh banknote could be.
But it could only get PMG 67, which, even to a dungu is a big disappointment as whenever one sends any banknote to PMG, one would definitely hope to get PMG 70, if not, why bother spending time & money having the banknote sent all the way to Florida.
PMG 67 is definitely a very big disappointment and apparently, the person who is the most disappointed must be none other than Malaysia's numismatic Big Brother, Sir Raymond Chang, as he lost his bet as he was so cocksure this banknote would be graded as PMG 70 by PMG.

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