Thursday, April 11, 2013

Malaysia 1967 $100 SA-RATUS A/1 PMG Choice UNC 64

***Another banknote that failed the litmus test when sent all the way to PMG in Florida & failed it did because it came back with a miserable grade of PMG Choice UNC 64 only.
Prior to it being sent to PMG, several motherfreaking Pakar Numis' were freaking cocksure that this pristine conditioned 100 bucks banknote would be 'slabbed' at least with PMG 67, but lo & behold, it came back with a lousy PMG 64.
Well, these motherfreaking Pakar Numis' obviously haven't heard of the grandma's saying of not counting the chicks before the eggs are hatched.
And one Smart Alec even got the cheek to suggest that this banknote is sent again to PMG to be graded a second time. Apparently, one can file an 'appeal.'
But, isn't that throwing good money after bad? After all, it's impossible to get the perfect score of PMG 70, that's for sure.

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