Friday, April 26, 2013

Malaysia 1984 $1000 PMG AU55 & PMGAU58 EPQ

***One thing to freaking remember when one sends banknotes to PMG for 'slabbing' is always never to be ever so freaking cocksure that one would always get high grades as after all, many so-called 'numismatists' out there practically know next to nothing about banknotes grading for they usually have got their marbles wrong.
When a banknote is in VG condition, these dungu 'numismatists' would grade that particular banknote as VF & when that banknote is VF, it would be graded as EF or even EF++++ by such dungus.
You can cheat your poor selves & be cheap-thrilled by all these crap, but you can't fool PMG because PMG is independent & not affiliated to any vested interests numismatically & that's why all highly graded banknotes from PMG always carry hefty premiums.
Of course, Sir Raymond Chang was again doggone disappointed as he had expected these 2 banknotes to at least be graded in the PMG 64 range, but as usual, it came back lower than his usual cocksure high expectations and of course, these 2 banknotes  didn't make the cut into his so-called 'Sir Raymond's Collection.'
Last heard, these 2 banknotes were consigned to one clown up north to be sold at the very famous, bustling & popular flea market known as the SP Plaza Pasar Lambak.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Malaysia $100 Solid Numbers CU 8888888 PMG Gem UNC 66 EPQ

***Another so-called nice banknote that unfortunately failed to make the cut into "Sir Raymond's Collection" due to its failure in getting the superlative PMG 70 grading.
Anyway, what is so freaking nice about this banknote as there's nothing to crow about with regards to its serial numbers as, after all, there are lots of similar notes with such similar serial numbers.
So, what's the big deal about Solid 8. The real deal is if one has a banknote, say, bearing Solid 0 as its serial numbers, then, there's cause to gloat.
As such, Sir Raymond's move to unload this note at RM2,500 is laudable. He sold it at RM2,500 because that's the current value of this note or at least, that's what some dungus have said.
And these dungus said that such a banknote with such a serial numbers is only worth RM2,500.
So, if these dungus said so, then, it should be so....All these dungus couldn't be wrong, could they?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Malaysia $10 Replacement Solid Numbers Z? 7777777 PMG Gem UNC 66 EPQ

***Sir Raymond Chang was heartbroken when he learnt that this so-called Choice UNC note only got a PMG66 for he was so bloody cocksure that this banknote would sure be graded as PMG70.
Who could blame him as this banknote must be the Choice-est of all UNCs, the Gem-est of all UNCs and perhaps, the most viriginal of all banknotes that one could lay one's hands on.
There you have it, listen to what your grandma used to preach & that's, never ever count the chicks before the eggs are hatched, lest that you could get an egg!
Due to Sir Raymond's obvious disappointment, he has already consigned this banknote to Mavin for Mavin's coming auction in the Little Red Speck.
Earlier, he had planned to have this banknote prominently featured in his so-called "Sir Raymond's Collection" but that plan has now been flushed down to the drain apparently because to be part of the "Sir Raymond's Collection", the banknote has to get that freaking cockstanding grade of PMG 70.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Malaysia 1967 $100 SA-RATUS A/1 PMG Choice UNC 64

***Another banknote that failed the litmus test when sent all the way to PMG in Florida & failed it did because it came back with a miserable grade of PMG Choice UNC 64 only.
Prior to it being sent to PMG, several motherfreaking Pakar Numis' were freaking cocksure that this pristine conditioned 100 bucks banknote would be 'slabbed' at least with PMG 67, but lo & behold, it came back with a lousy PMG 64.
Well, these motherfreaking Pakar Numis' obviously haven't heard of the grandma's saying of not counting the chicks before the eggs are hatched.
And one Smart Alec even got the cheek to suggest that this banknote is sent again to PMG to be graded a second time. Apparently, one can file an 'appeal.'
But, isn't that throwing good money after bad? After all, it's impossible to get the perfect score of PMG 70, that's for sure.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Malaysia $5 Solid Numbers EL 8888888 PMG Super Gem UNC 67 EPQ

***And yet another banknote that was off-target when sent to PMG for 'slabbing' as it's expected that this banknote would be returned as PMG 70 as, after all, it's a perfect 10 banknote, esp. when it's a polymer one with no handling marks and as pristine & virginal as any fresh banknote could be.
But it could only get PMG 67, which, even to a dungu is a big disappointment as whenever one sends any banknote to PMG, one would definitely hope to get PMG 70, if not, why bother spending time & money having the banknote sent all the way to Florida.
PMG 67 is definitely a very big disappointment and apparently, the person who is the most disappointed must be none other than Malaysia's numismatic Big Brother, Sir Raymond Chang, as he lost his bet as he was so cocksure this banknote would be graded as PMG 70 by PMG.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Malaysia $1 Solid Numbers ABB 8888888 PMG Super Gem UNC 67 EPQ

***Even though this banknote has been graded as so-called Super Gem UNC 67 EPQ by world renown independent third party banknotes grader, PMG, what actually is there to crow about as after all, there are so many banknotes from all over the universe which had been similarly graded as 67.
If one can strike PMG70, then, there is cause to crow & gloat about as that's after all a perfect 10 score, a note perfect in all ways....
PMG 67 is no big deal. In fact, even scores like PMG 68 & PMG 69 are no freaking big deal.
After all, there is a saying that one must reach for the stars & as such, getting the score of PMG 70 is the mother of all stars to reach & PMG 67 is a plain old ordinary score...........

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Malaya Japanese Invasion Money $1 MA 717736

***And yet another piece of worthless and useless piece of paper courtesy of the freaking Japs and their deeds of the '40s and this piece is from the Monetary Vault of none other than the Malaysian numismatic Big Brother, His Venerable, Sir Raymond Chang.
What could have this banknote bought during the hyperinflation period of the Japs in Malaya? A miserable banana perhaps, or just a stick of fag?
According to unverified accounts, the great grandfather of Sir Raymond had a container load of these $1 banknotes, all of which came with Serial Numbers, but sadly, much had been burnt in a big bonfire to celebrate the then Japs' defeat  and subsequent departure but 3 bricks were wisely kept as souvenirs and these are now safely in Sir Raymond's monetary vault.
And again according to the same unverified sources, these 3 bricks would be put up for auction in this coming Spink fall's auction in Singapore.
But, then, who would want to bid for these 1940's hell banknotes?