Sunday, March 31, 2013

Phillippines Japanese Invasion Money 5 Centavos P/AI

***Yet another piece of numismatic crap produced by the Japs during their heydays in the 1940s when they were the Big Brother in the Asian region militarily.
Actually, these pieces of papers were being burnt in abundance post the Japs era as they were not even worth the papers on which they were printed on valuewise, but, yet, today, so-called collectors are willing to pay, sometimes a bomb, for some of these Japs' banana money.
Maybe, these so-called collectors have just much too much money that they don't know where to shaft their superfluous money to.
And maybe, they should start to invest in Hell Banknotes as after all, there is strong potential and a bright future in Hell Banknotes according to some 'speculators' who have already taken big positions in Hell Banknotes.
And just in case if these positions turn sour, we can at least see them in hell!

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