Thursday, March 21, 2013

Phillippines Japanese Invasion Money 5 Centavos P/AA

***A piece of worthless Japanese Invasion Money from the Phillipines carrying the then value of 5 Centavos but of course, it's not worth the paper on which it was printed on.
And of course, post Japanese era, lots of our grandfathers & grandmothers must have had a ball of a time burning lorry loads of these worthless JIM notes.
Only silly collectors would readily pay big money for such useless JIM notes today and the reasons vary & one of which is no one is thinking rationally these days or maybe, such folks just have too money money in their pockets & know not what to do with them.
One best thing that one can learn from the banknotes issued by the Japs during the Japanese Occupation period in Malaya or elsewhere is not to repeat what the Japs did monetarily.
If one repeats what the Japs did, ie, printing paper like no one's business, then, one is going to created hyperinflation and bankrupt the country. And one might need to bring along one's bullock cart full of banknotes when one goes shopping for just a miserable loaf of bread.

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