Friday, March 1, 2013

Malaysia 2011 $1 AGP 1888881 The Last Prefix

***It is indeed confirmed that AGP is indeed the Last Prefix for the previous RM1 deno series and this confirmation comes from none other than our learned leader in Malaysian numismatics, Sir Raymond Chang.
And according to the usually unreliable grapevine buzz, Sir Raymond also has in his possession the low serial numbers for the AGP series, namely, from 0000001 to 0001000.
But apparently, it's too late now to try to get hold of the first note, namely, the one bearing the all-so-desirable serial numbers of AGP 0000001 because Sir Raymond has already sent it to PMG for grading in preparation for its sale in the coming fall Spink's auction in Temasek.
Ya, this dude is real freaking smart but he has to be freaking smart, after all, he is a graduate from the Cambridge U & you don't get to walk the corridors of Cambridge U if you happen to be just another ordinary dungu.

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