Thursday, March 28, 2013

Malaya Japanese Invasion Money 50 Cents Block MB

***Another piece of worthless junk, courtesy of the Japs, of course.
A worthless piece of crap that was sold for $2 & then, re-sold for $6 and that means a hefty profit of 200%!
Any smart businessman would take a 200% profit without hesitation and it's a big question why the poor buyer would actually buy such a worthless piece of the japs' crap for $6 as after all, such paper money were being burnt in truck loads post-Japanese era?
Even Hell Banknotes would `be worth hell of a bit more money than all these so-called banana money.
As such, the Hell Banknotes would be a better long-term investment compared to all the crap printed by the Japs during their heydays in the then Malaya.

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