Sunday, March 31, 2013

Phillippines Japanese Invasion Money 5 Centavos P/AI

***Yet another piece of numismatic crap produced by the Japs during their heydays in the 1940s when they were the Big Brother in the Asian region militarily.
Actually, these pieces of papers were being burnt in abundance post the Japs era as they were not even worth the papers on which they were printed on valuewise, but, yet, today, so-called collectors are willing to pay, sometimes a bomb, for some of these Japs' banana money.
Maybe, these so-called collectors have just much too much money that they don't know where to shaft their superfluous money to.
And maybe, they should start to invest in Hell Banknotes as after all, there is strong potential and a bright future in Hell Banknotes according to some 'speculators' who have already taken big positions in Hell Banknotes.
And just in case if these positions turn sour, we can at least see them in hell!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Malaya Japanese Invasion Money 50 Cents Block MB

***Another piece of worthless junk, courtesy of the Japs, of course.
A worthless piece of crap that was sold for $2 & then, re-sold for $6 and that means a hefty profit of 200%!
Any smart businessman would take a 200% profit without hesitation and it's a big question why the poor buyer would actually buy such a worthless piece of the japs' crap for $6 as after all, such paper money were being burnt in truck loads post-Japanese era?
Even Hell Banknotes would `be worth hell of a bit more money than all these so-called banana money.
As such, the Hell Banknotes would be a better long-term investment compared to all the crap printed by the Japs during their heydays in the then Malaya.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Phillippines Japanese Invasion Money 5 Centavos P/AA

***A piece of worthless Japanese Invasion Money from the Phillipines carrying the then value of 5 Centavos but of course, it's not worth the paper on which it was printed on.
And of course, post Japanese era, lots of our grandfathers & grandmothers must have had a ball of a time burning lorry loads of these worthless JIM notes.
Only silly collectors would readily pay big money for such useless JIM notes today and the reasons vary & one of which is no one is thinking rationally these days or maybe, such folks just have too money money in their pockets & know not what to do with them.
One best thing that one can learn from the banknotes issued by the Japs during the Japanese Occupation period in Malaya or elsewhere is not to repeat what the Japs did monetarily.
If one repeats what the Japs did, ie, printing paper like no one's business, then, one is going to created hyperinflation and bankrupt the country. And one might need to bring along one's bullock cart full of banknotes when one goes shopping for just a miserable loaf of bread.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Malaysia 2012 $10 Serial Numbers 10 Million

***Another piece of banknote belonging to His Respected Lordship, Sir Raymond Chang, who bought this banknote from a gentleman who in turn bought it from another gentleman who in turn bought it from another gentleman from the now very bustling & popular flea market which, of course, is none other than the one and only one and none other than the "SP Pasar Lambak", whereby many big numismatic dealers congregrate without fail each weekend, selling many interesting and hard-to-get Malaysian numismatic stuff.
Don't let the distance frighten you from getting to this "SP Pasar Lambak" as you can get there easily & very cheaply via Airasia.
But sadly, the featured banknote obviously had been used previously by its previous owners and only God knows how many owners there were.
At most, this banknote can be graded as Good Fine but some folks might grade it rather as Fine++++++ or even About Very Fine.
Of course, About Very Fine sounds better as it has crept up to the VF level and any uptick gradewise is always better for sellers, not just here but everywhere else in the world.
And of course, let's now forget that some sellers would rather not grade the banknotes that they are selling as gradingwise, they might be illiterate and as such, you have to grade the banknotes that you want to buy yourselves because such sellers do not want to misslead(sic) the buyers......
And grapevine has it that this banknote is for sale and not surprising as everyone knows that everything that Sir Raymond Chang has under the sun are for sale, it's just the freaking price that separates the buying and selling but knowing Sir Raymond, his prices are one of the most lowest, if not the lowest in the Malaysian world of numismatics.
As such, the crown as the Market Leader in Malaysian numismatics is deservingly his & his alone.
Perhaps, the time has come to crown Our Respected Lordship the much coveted Pakar Numis Malaysia title when the Malaysian  Numismatic Society next meets in December to confer this highly sought after numismatic title that everyone would like to grab hold of.....

Friday, March 1, 2013

Malaysia 2011 $1 AGP 1888881 The Last Prefix

***It is indeed confirmed that AGP is indeed the Last Prefix for the previous RM1 deno series and this confirmation comes from none other than our learned leader in Malaysian numismatics, Sir Raymond Chang.
And according to the usually unreliable grapevine buzz, Sir Raymond also has in his possession the low serial numbers for the AGP series, namely, from 0000001 to 0001000.
But apparently, it's too late now to try to get hold of the first note, namely, the one bearing the all-so-desirable serial numbers of AGP 0000001 because Sir Raymond has already sent it to PMG for grading in preparation for its sale in the coming fall Spink's auction in Temasek.
Ya, this dude is real freaking smart but he has to be freaking smart, after all, he is a graduate from the Cambridge U & you don't get to walk the corridors of Cambridge U if you happen to be just another ordinary dungu.