Thursday, February 21, 2013

Malaysia 2012 $5 EM 0000222 The Last Prefix

***Of course, there is no cause to gloat if one has the so-called Last Prefix of a certain, certain note as the best example is the previous RM5 Polymer issue with the Prefix of EM.
As can be seen, the entire numismatic market has seen a deluge of these notes and as a result, one can say that the market for EM has collapsed as many sellers seem more interested to 'outwit' one another by selling these notes at 'cheap sale' prices.
That's what will happen when supply outstrips demand or rather, desperate sellers outstrip buyers.
The featured banknote was also bought at a rock bottom price from a seller at the "SP Pasar Lambak" recently by a small time dealer in KL.
But sadly, that dealer only had one piece for sale, while the rest he has sold to some big time dealer from Temasek.
By the way, this banknote doesn't belong to His Lordship, Sir Raymond Chang, so, for the Queen Of UK's sake, please don't start calling him, thankyouverymuch.

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