Thursday, February 7, 2013

Malaysia $10 Replacemement Z?8888888 PMG Choice UNC 66 EPQ

***Not just another piece of banknote but one which is sans doute very much gloatable as it is sans doute the one and only one available & when there's only one and only one in existence of its kind, perhaps, blowing the trumpet is not good enough and perhaps, it warrants getting hold of a didgeridoo and making a hell lot of noise with it.
So, let's crow & gloat not just over this banknote but over the fact that such a banknote actually exists!
And of course, this banknote belongs to non other than the undisputed and highly esteemed Malaysian numismatic market leader, Tan Sri Datuk Dr Raymond Chang.
The sad part is that according to unreliable grapevine chat, Tan Sri Datuk Dr Raymond is going to take profit and sell this banknote and heard from the same unreliable grapevine that he is going to consign it to Spink for this fall's auction which will be held as usual in Temasek.

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