Thursday, February 21, 2013

Malaysia 2012 $5 EM 0000222 The Last Prefix

***Of course, there is no cause to gloat if one has the so-called Last Prefix of a certain, certain note as the best example is the previous RM5 Polymer issue with the Prefix of EM.
As can be seen, the entire numismatic market has seen a deluge of these notes and as a result, one can say that the market for EM has collapsed as many sellers seem more interested to 'outwit' one another by selling these notes at 'cheap sale' prices.
That's what will happen when supply outstrips demand or rather, desperate sellers outstrip buyers.
The featured banknote was also bought at a rock bottom price from a seller at the "SP Pasar Lambak" recently by a small time dealer in KL.
But sadly, that dealer only had one piece for sale, while the rest he has sold to some big time dealer from Temasek.
By the way, this banknote doesn't belong to His Lordship, Sir Raymond Chang, so, for the Queen Of UK's sake, please don't start calling him, thankyouverymuch.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Malaysia 2011 $1 AGP 0000222 The Last Prefix

***The various numismatic Smart Alecs have proclaimed that the Prefix of AGP is the last of the last for the previous RM1 series.
Of course, you are not to be blamed if you do feel a bit skittish with all these jazz as you had been had several times  alraedy in the past with such soothsayings.
And of course, AGP might not be the Last Prefix after all as some underground grapevine has been repeating that AGQ could be the Last Prefix and who knows, AGQ could indeed be the Real McCoy.
Anyway, the note featured is actually in About Very Good Condition or rather About VG Condition and of course, "Very Good" is a true misnomer and every numismatic idiotic donkey would know that it actually means the subject note is in Very Bad Condition.
Anyway, this banknote doesn't look as if it is VG condition, in fact, it looks UNC.
That's the wonder of mastering the art of airbrushing via Photoshop whereby a note in VG condition can be turned into a UNC looking one, and perhaps, it's just like turning an ugly swan into a future Miss Universe.
And of course, this banknote is on loan from its  well-known owner who is none other than the leading market leader in Malaysian numismatics, His Venerable, Sir Raymond Chang.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Malaysia $10 Replacemement Z?8888888 PMG Choice UNC 66 EPQ

***Not just another piece of banknote but one which is sans doute very much gloatable as it is sans doute the one and only one available & when there's only one and only one in existence of its kind, perhaps, blowing the trumpet is not good enough and perhaps, it warrants getting hold of a didgeridoo and making a hell lot of noise with it.
So, let's crow & gloat not just over this banknote but over the fact that such a banknote actually exists!
And of course, this banknote belongs to non other than the undisputed and highly esteemed Malaysian numismatic market leader, Tan Sri Datuk Dr Raymond Chang.
The sad part is that according to unreliable grapevine chat, Tan Sri Datuk Dr Raymond is going to take profit and sell this banknote and heard from the same unreliable grapevine that he is going to consign it to Spink for this fall's auction which will be held as usual in Temasek.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Malaysia $100 Replacement Z? 0000001 PMG Gem UNC 65 EPQ

***Some folks crow for nothing as an ordinary banknote is made to look as if it is some kind of unusual banknote when in actual fact, it's nothing but a gloat in vain.
However, when one has a banknote as per the one featured herein, there's definitely cause to gloat, to shout about or whatever because it's the one and only one that exists.
Thus, when you have something that no else has, there is definitely cause to gloat & to crow about because you have what no one else has, it's as simple as that.