Thursday, January 17, 2013

Malaysia 2012 $10 Solid Numbers 9999999 & 10000000

***2 pieces from yesteryears' issue which most collectors couldn't be that bothered as there were just bloody too many of these around for you can find them everywhere; you can see them online, you see them at flea markets, at the money changers' kiosks & even, believe it or not, at the wet markets.
Many of these were selling for RM300 a piece but of course, most motherfreaking collectors would want to lower the price even lower, the lower the better as they all say, even lower than the crotch the better still.
As such, these are nothing-to-gloat-about, nothing-to-crow-about & nothing-to-shout-about banknotes of yesteryear.
This pair according to the usual unreliable grapevine was sold last week at the so-called 'SP Pasar Lambak' for RM1,000 only, which actually was very expensive compared to last year when they were going for just RM600 a pair, even if you actually bother to take out that freaking calculator of yours and adjust for inflation.

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