Sunday, January 27, 2013

Malaysia 1983 $1000 PMG AUNC 55 EPQ

***A $1,000 Malaysian banknote issued 2 decades & a half ago but what's to gloat about as this is nothing but just another ordinary piece of paper whose grade is not worth crowing about.
One can do lots of trumpeting provided always that that particular banknote has been graded as PMG 70, so, PMG 55 is way, way off the mark because there could be lots of similar ones out there that have been graded as PMG 65, 66, 67 & even 68.
So, what is a lousy freaking PMG 55?
If there's any occasion to gloat about, one must have the best, eg, the longest hot dog in the world, the biggest beer belly in the world or the biggest this or the longest that...
This is definitely no perfect 10 material.

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