Sunday, January 6, 2013

Malaysia 2012 Polymer $1 Replacement ZA 0000090

***A cute piece of the latest polymer RM1 Replacement with the rather sassy serial numbers but unfortunately, a piece that has been circulating around the Moon several times as the condition of the banknote is nothing but merely About Very Good only, esp.if one were to strictly adhere to grading standards set by the IBNS.

And of course, numismatically, the term 'Very Good' actually means 'Very Bad', as even a dungu would know that by now.

But, then, as usual, some Young Einsteins out there would wonder how come the pictures of the featured banknote look like UNC.

They have been airbrushed, you little morons. Even most, if not all, of the nude pics of young women in various girlie magazines which had kept you erotically occupied during your younger days had been airbrushed to make them look much more presentable and/or more erotic to the viewers and as such, there is perfectly no harm to 'airbrush' a banknote in VG condition in order to make it look as if it is UNC Condition.

This is what some would call art.

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