Sunday, January 27, 2013

Malaysia 1983 $1000 PMG AUNC 55 EPQ

***A $1,000 Malaysian banknote issued 2 decades & a half ago but what's to gloat about as this is nothing but just another ordinary piece of paper whose grade is not worth crowing about.
One can do lots of trumpeting provided always that that particular banknote has been graded as PMG 70, so, PMG 55 is way, way off the mark because there could be lots of similar ones out there that have been graded as PMG 65, 66, 67 & even 68.
So, what is a lousy freaking PMG 55?
If there's any occasion to gloat about, one must have the best, eg, the longest hot dog in the world, the biggest beer belly in the world or the biggest this or the longest that...
This is definitely no perfect 10 material.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Malaya 1961 Buffalo Banknote

***For whatever reason or reasons, this last winter, the prices for the British Malaya's Buffalo Banknotes have crept skywards non-stop and these days, one can no longer buy a decent looking piece for a song and even a tired & haggard looking one for the entry-class level sort of collector is no longer cheap.
Why the sudden uptick for this banknote whereby lots of them are actually available, one will never ever know because the Smart Alec collectors are the ones who are in the know and they are saying that they will buy at higher & higher still prices.
And as usual, when it comes to the topic of buying, it's always better to buy when it's high rather than buy when it's low as that's how things are as well in the stock market, in the property market, in the precious metals market & what not.
Because when one buys high, lots of others are also doing the same thing & thus, one can buy 'with confidence' & so what if one 'dies' because all others will die too; so its better to 'die' together than to 'die' alone..........
That's how things work in this world. Fuck contrarianism! Name one Smart Alec who is a true contrarian who deserves the Noble Prize!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Malaysia 2012 $100 Reverse Ladder Numbers

***These must be the so-called Go-Astern Ladder Numbers' banknotes or shall it be more 'aptly' put in laymen's lingo, the 'gostan' Ladder Numbers, after all, most folks would know what 'gostan' means but would commence the head-scratching exercise when it comes to the 'go astern' word.
So, these banknotes more or less bear the gostan ladder numbers.....

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Malaysia 2012 $10 Solid Numbers 9999999 & 10000000

***2 pieces from yesteryears' issue which most collectors couldn't be that bothered as there were just bloody too many of these around for you can find them everywhere; you can see them online, you see them at flea markets, at the money changers' kiosks & even, believe it or not, at the wet markets.
Many of these were selling for RM300 a piece but of course, most motherfreaking collectors would want to lower the price even lower, the lower the better as they all say, even lower than the crotch the better still.
As such, these are nothing-to-gloat-about, nothing-to-crow-about & nothing-to-shout-about banknotes of yesteryear.
This pair according to the usual unreliable grapevine was sold last week at the so-called 'SP Pasar Lambak' for RM1,000 only, which actually was very expensive compared to last year when they were going for just RM600 a pair, even if you actually bother to take out that freaking calculator of yours and adjust for inflation.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Malaysia 1999 $10 ZA Replacement

***By now everyone knows that the current talk of the town is how the side-signature of this banknote signed by the same Governor is chartering unchartered territory pricewise.
It has reached a price level no one believe it will charter but charter it did and in the process catching the so-called Pakar Numis' with their pants all the way down.
Why the price spike? This could be like the stock market whereby there could be some juicy speculative news that most ordinary, boring folks don't know.
If this banknote with the Side Signature could spike skywards vertically, couldn't its cousin with the centre-signature make a dash for the sky too, after all, both these notes were signed by the same Governor and both issued in the same year?


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Malaysia 2012 Polymer $1 Replacement ZA 0000090

***A cute piece of the latest polymer RM1 Replacement with the rather sassy serial numbers but unfortunately, a piece that has been circulating around the Moon several times as the condition of the banknote is nothing but merely About Very Good only, esp.if one were to strictly adhere to grading standards set by the IBNS.

And of course, numismatically, the term 'Very Good' actually means 'Very Bad', as even a dungu would know that by now.

But, then, as usual, some Young Einsteins out there would wonder how come the pictures of the featured banknote look like UNC.

They have been airbrushed, you little morons. Even most, if not all, of the nude pics of young women in various girlie magazines which had kept you erotically occupied during your younger days had been airbrushed to make them look much more presentable and/or more erotic to the viewers and as such, there is perfectly no harm to 'airbrush' a banknote in VG condition in order to make it look as if it is UNC Condition.

This is what some would call art.